The Finance Minister’s take on NPAs It seems the year 2013 will be marked as the golden year in the era for the non performing assets. During the recent quarterly review meeting with the banking officials, Finance Minister P Chidambram clearly mentioned his intention that Rich promoters of sick companies will not be tolerated any […]

Aerospace and Defense Sector In times of economic uncertainty, an accurate risk assessment becomes very important for companies to succeed and likewise proper implementation of financial policy is also important as it ensures the judicious use of cash. The Aerospace and Defense sector faces particular challenges that differentiate it from the rest of the economy. […]

Indian Aviation Industry The Indian aviation industry gave a very poor performance. We are still lagging behind the aviation industry of the other countries in terms of performance. It is needless to say that the sector is among one of the most technically challenged and under developed sectors in the economy. Kingfisher Airlines which was […]

Indian Aviation / Airline Sector Airline Sector has been one of the most challenging and under developed sector for the Indian¬†economy. The rising fuel costs, inflation and other macroeconomic factors have made a severe hit on the industry. In order to provide some boost to the sector and help it grow further the government recently […]

Kingfisher Crisis – Is it the time to Shutdown Kingfisher is facing a tough time to help its debt ridden airlines fly high again, which was grounded after the government suspended the license. The Kingfisher Airlines, started by the King of good times and liquor baron, Dr. Vijay Mallya on the eve of the 18th […]

The Indian Government has been enmeshed in a never ending series of scandals and scams. The government constantly fighting the endless attacks on it by the opposition and allies alike has been paralyzed letting the economy go to the dogs. The economic growth has almost halved due to this policy freeze as well as the […]