Chinese put pressure on Europe The European Chinese solar trade saga took an important turn when the EU imposed a 11% duty on imports of Chinese made solar panels in Europe. Though the duty is small, it is quite broad as it will impose duties on any Chinese made solar products into Europe. The Chinese […]

Neo Solar and Del Solar Merger Consolidation in the global solar industry continues at an accelerated pace with companies exiting the solar business, bankruptcies being announced, takeovers by government and private companies. Now two of the largest Taiwanese solar companies have decided to merge. Neo Solar being one of the fastest growing companies in Taiwan with its focus […]

Japan is a country where solar energy is flourishing because of its Government support through generous feed in subsidy. Till 2007 Japan was the leader in Solar installations, but the fierce Chinese competition and lack of Government support then, shook its position. Japan solar installation has seen a boom. Japan’s share of global PV system revenue […]

FSLR thinks Indian Regulatory system to be “relatively sophisticated” India has been a big market for the US based First Solar (FSLR), with the company already supplying equipments for more than 350 MW of solar power installed in the country. Though First Solar is co-operating with the Indian investigations against dumping of solar cells and modules […]

Anti-dumping Duty in India The Government of India is in a fix trying to decide whether to impose anti-dumping duties or not. The Government’s intention is to protect and support the domestic solar industry by imposing anti-dumping duties against China, USA, Malaysia and Taiwan. However top ten solar power producers, in India like Vikram Solar, Symphony Vyapar Pvt Ltd and Lexicon Vanijya […]

India should fight back by imposing duties on Solar Panel Imports The Indian government has finally woken up and taken the fight to the US in the domestic content case for solar panel usage. I had already written how the US had made India a sucker in the case when First Solar (FSLR) has won […]