Solarworld headed towards Bankruptcy Solarworld the German firm which used to be one of the largest solar panel producers in 2008 has become a shadow of its former self. While many of its peers have gone bankrupt (Q-Cells) or been bought over by Asian companies (REC), Solarworld continues in its merry ways of destroying value […]

Subsidies and Low Labor cost not the reason for Chinese Solar Competitiveness NREL and MIT don’t think that low wage costs and generous subsidies are driving the Chinese advantage in solar panel manufacturing. They think that the massive scale of Chinese silicon panel factories is the main reason for their competitiveness. NREL thinks that the […]

The┬áChinese and Europeans have come to a deal regarding export of solar panels made in China to Europe. Under the deal, China will be allowed to export a maximum of 7 GW of solar panels at a price of 56 eurocents/watt. This will provide some sort of floor to the solar panel prices in Europe […]

The Chinese try to revive its zombie companies The Chinese solar stocks cannot stop increasing in value as the government pulls out all stops in trying to stem the bankruptcies happening in the heavily oversupplied industry. The Chinese State Council has raised the solar target to a gargantuan 35 GW by 2015 as it looks […]

The Chinese have captured the global solar panel manufacturing industry by investing billions of dollars in building almost 40-50 GW of capacity even when the global demand is about 30 GW. Their low cost manufacturing has bankrupted erstwhile solar panel leaders such as Q-Cells, which have been bought for pennies to the dollar by Chinese […]

India to impose Anti-dumping duties soon The Chinese and other Asian players like Malaysia and Taiwan have continued to supply their solar cells and modules all over the globe at really cheap rates. In fact the top cheap solar panels supplied globally are almost all Chinese. This has resulted in the local industry dampening in […]