Eastern region of India is a land of huge potential which is endowed with rich minerals, forests, productive and fertile soil along with rich cultural heritage. The available resources along with the man power help the eastern region become the key growth engines. The states have immense potential for growth and large-scale production. Export of […]

India has a large and diverse agriculture sector and the farm output is one of the highest, making India rank second in the world. States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal have contributed significantly in agriculture. However, agriculture sector in India is facing several issues and there […]

Indian Slums The recent report of the Census Commissioner very well depicts the state of the Indian economy. In India, over 64 million people represent the under privileged people living in Slums, also known as Slum Dwellers. 1 of every 6 individuals resides in Slum area where they not only fight for life but also […]

CCT vs. Food Bill It is expected that the National Food Security Bill (NFSB), introduced in the Lok Sabha will impact negatively in the functioning of the grain markets and would adversely impact/interfere in the functioning of these markets resulting in higher leakages. It is reported that the current leakages from the PDS or the […]

Investment Climate Investment Climate is a broad concept which encompasses all the factors affecting business decisions which includes profitability, location, etc. to a name a few. It is needless to say that a good investment climate would undoubtedly provide sufficient opportunity and incentive to firms to invest productively. This will not only help the firms […]

Indian Commodity Market After internet becoming the buzzword for the common people there has been a considerable rise in investments in the commodity market. Commodity Market deals with the trading of raw materials which includes both the Agri and Non Agri Products. India being a growing and agriculture based economy has a vast dimension in […]