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India has the world’s 6th largest Renewable Energy Capacity but is way behind China

India has one of the world’s largest renewable energy capacity, ranking amongst the top 5 countries in the world in terms of installed wind energy and […]

Indian Solar Manufacturers have something to cheer about as part prices granted duty exemption

Solar Components exempted from Duty in India Indian solar producers who have been decimated by the severe global oversupply and price fall, have finally something to […]

Global Solar Installations to reach 200 GW a year by 2025

Solar Installations by 2025 Global solar installations can reach 200 GW a year according to a new research by IEA. The report says that solar PV […]

Waaree Solar Panels Review, Price, Buy Online India

Waaree Solar Panels The Waaree Energies Ltd. was founded in 2007 in India, having presence across the solar power value chain. The company has a 250 […]

List of Solar Installers/ System Integrators/ EPC Companies in India

Solar installation business has gained massive popularity in the last couple of years. Previously the solar companies used to just manufacture solar cells, wafers, modules or […]

List of Solar Panel Manufacturers in India – Local & International

Updated on: 2nd June 2016 List of Solar Panel/ Module Manufacturing Companies in India 1) Tata Power Solar Headquartered in Bangalore, Tata Power Solar has a […]

After SunEdison, another major global solar developer Abengoa sees a stock price crash over debt concerns

Abengoa declines over debt issues The Spanish power giant Abengoa faces imminent bankruptcy proceedings, after another Spanish company failed to inject equity into the debt laden […]

Europe's pathway to 100% renewable energy by 2050

EREC has released a  new report “Re-thinking 2050” outlining the roadmap to make Europe 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050  . The report was released […]

Will 1366 Technologies succeed in disrupting the multi-billion dollar Solar Wafer Industry

1366 Technologies to ramp up Wafer Manufacturing Crystalline silicon technology has taken over the solar industry decimating other technologies such as CIGs, a-Si, solar thermal technology […]

List of Top Rooftop Solar Panels to buy in India

Rooftop Solar Panels in India India’s solar rooftop market is set to explode in the coming years. The cost-effectiveness of solar power, rising electricity bills, and […]

What is Rooftop Solar – Components, Types, Benefits, Size & Costs

Components of a Rooftop Solar System A rooftop solar system comprises of: a) Solar Panels/ Modules – The most important component of a rooftop system are […]

Rooftop Solar Panels

We at Greenworldinvestor, have time and again how rooftop solar is gaining traction worldwide. Land being a major constraint in developing economies, rooftop solar is becoming […]

Gamesa to set up 130 MW Solar Plants in India

Gamesa – Solar Power in India We at Greenworldinvestor have talked about the benefits of going solar. The technology is slowly but steadily gaining mass attention […]

Thin Film Solar

Armageddon Solar Scenario Makes Thin Film Leader First Solar Rethink Its Strategy

First Solar not launching Series 5 Solar panel prices have crashed by around 30% globally in 2016 which has made every major producer rethink their strategy […]

Wind Eenrgy

Does India Really Need Offshore Wind

India is Wasting Money On Expensive European Technology India has made a new offshore wind energy policy which aims at having a working offshore wind farm […]

Watch The World's Tallest Solar Tower

Will Solar Power Tower Ever be Successful A Solar Power tower is a tower used to receive concentrated solar power. It is usually surrounded by heliostats […]

Solar Air Conditioners Become Mainstream With Launch of INR 90,000 Product From Videocon

Solar AC in for INR 90,000 in India Solar products have remained niche entities till now as companies have not produced or marketed them effectively in […]

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Soaring High In India But Future May Not Be That Smooth

Wind Energy India – Future & Challenges Indian Wind energy capacity jumped up by a whopping ~65% in the current fiscal year setting up a record […]

Tulsi Tanti Seems To Be In La La Land For Thinking That India Can Achieve 6 GW Wind Capacity Next Year

Can India really Install 6GW Wind Capacity in FY18 Suzlon chairman Tulsi Tanti thinks that India can do 6 GW of wind energy capacity next year […]

Tracking The Sun! All You Wanted To Know About Solar Trackers

What is a Solar Tracker A Solar Tracker is a mechanical device which follows the movement of the sun as it rotates from the east to […]

Solar thermal plant

Why is Australia Wasting Money On A $650 Million+ Solar Plant Using A Failed Technology?

A Solar Thermal Plant in Australia Australia is planning to build a 110 MW solar thermal power plant in Port Augusta for AU $650 million (USD […]

Solar Energy in Desert

Saudis Get The Power Of Solar At Below 2 cents

The Middle East Continues to make new records Saudi Arabia recently held its first large solar energy reverse auction and discovered another abysmally low price of […]

Solar plus Storage Becomes Hot In Australia as Tesla Plans 50,000 Homes, Huawei Plans Entry

Solar plus Storage Market In Australia The extremely high costs of retail electricity in Australia has made it a hot market for solar energy plus storage […]

Avoiding Wildlife Impacts from Renewable Energy in Europe

Renewable energy generated from wind, sunlight, water, biomass, and geothermal heat is the new technique to satisfy the need of electric consumption in Europe and other parts […]

Australia Plans a 10 GW Solar Farm to Supply Green Power to Singapore

Plans to export solar power to other countries is not a new concept and the most famous example was Desertec where a plan was to build […]

Solar Desalination gets A Boost From New Technologies to Solve the World’s Water Problem

Solar energy because of its versatile and modular nature can be used in a wide variety of applications, unlike other energy sources that can mostly be […]

Tips for Making Your Home More Green

Going green means that you’re living in a manner that doesn’t hurt the environment. It’s more important than ever today as the damage occurs from man-made […]

Is Perovskites the new Hydrogen in the New Energies Sector?

Silicon is the undisputed ruler of solar technology today having beaten its competitors like CIGs, Cd-Te, and others by a huge mile over the past decade. […]

Google losing its way in its renewable energy quest by investing in a wind farm

If I was a Google investor I would be alarmed by Google’s investment in a wind farm project.The $39 million investment though small is not what […]