The sun is shining bright on Delhi, and it’s not just the weather! The Delhi government’s recently launched Solar Policy 2024 is making headlines for all the right reasons. This ambitious policy aims to transform the capital into a solar city, reaping benefits for residents, the environment, and the power grid. With the new policy, the […]

Source: Unsplash As the global conversation around climate change heats up, the shift towards green energy has never been more critical. For the eco-conscious citizen, understanding the plethora of green energy options can be both empowering and overwhelming. This article aims to demystify the various avenues of sustainable energy, offering insights into an environmentally friendly […]

Image Credit: Pexels  When planning an event, whether a small family gathering or a large conference, the specter of waste creation hovers over the revelry and networking. From heaps of discarded paper to unwanted decorations, the aftermath is often at odds with our growing environmental consciousness. However, with careful planning and a few innovative strategies, […]

One question that remains in most people’s minds is can you become rich and if yes then what is the best method to become rich? Before looking at this question, first let us understand what rich means because if we don’t understand what the goal is then how will you figure out the path to […]

March has started and is the habit with most salaried people a frenzied search on how to save tax through 80B which allows Rs.1.5 lakhs of tax savings by investing various instruments like PF, PPF, five-year tax saving FDs, and ELSS tax saver mutual funds. If you look at the past performance an average ELSS […]

From sustainable manufacturing to solar energy, teaching a green classroom is certainly a worthwhile thing. Teaching about solar energy in particular opens up a world of possibilities for young minds; really instilling a deeper appreciation for the environment and the role renewable energy plays in shaping our future. So here are 3 tips to help […]