Life Insurance is one of the most important things to do in personal finance. In fact, many financial advisors say that life insurance should be one of the first things you should do when you start your personal finance journey. However, considering life insurance as an investment option is one of the biggest mistakes we […]

Real estate got a massive boom in prices in 2022 and it was a record-breaking year not only in terms of RE sales but also new launches. Low-interest rates, cuts in stamp duty, and rising work-from-home culture all acted as solid tailwinds for the real estate sector in the last year. After almost a decade […]

Equity saw a tepid low single-digit return in 2022 mostly because the market remains in the high valuation zone. Also, with FD returns touching nearly 7%-8%, equity looks less appealing. However, that being said, some sectors should do well going forward. Let’s have a look: i) Industrials should do well in 2023 supported by the […]

Income makes little sense if not invested properly. After all, investment helps your money grow. We have a lot to take care of, and on top of that is the income tax which takes away a significant chunk of your income. People are always brainstorming about where to invest their money and are weighing the […]

Gold is one of the most liquid financial investments that can be sold across any counter. It is a no-frills investment. About 65% of the Indian population in rural areas prefer gold as an investmentĀ as availability is much easier rather than investing through banks or other financial institutions. Also, ~80% of gold demand in India […]

SIPs or systematic investment plans have become a common buzzword in personal finance. SIPs are generally understood to be a regular investment in Mutual funds or stocks. Most financial advisors suggest that SIPs are an essential investment tool for retail investors for meeting their financial goals. SIPs are nowadays advised for almost every situation and […]