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How to Make Your Business Greener and More Sustainable

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Sustainability should be your number one business target this year. Here’s a closer look at some of the best ways you can make your business greener and more sustainable moving into the future.

Here are some interesting findings from Forbes:

  • 90% of business executives believe that sustainability is important
  • Only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy and follow green initiatives

As a business executive, you probably believe sustainability is also important. However, believing isn’t enough — you need to act! This way, you can help to save the planet and experience the benefits of running a sustainable business, such as attracting more eco-conscious customers.

Here’s the big question that everybody wants to know: How can you make your business greener?

The good news is that running a sustainable business is easier than you think. There’s a big misconception out there that the process of making your business more sustainable is very costly and time-consuming, but this simply isn’t true. To prove the point, this guide is going to show you how.

Let’s now examine some of the ways that you can build a sustainable business that will thrive over the coming decades.

Have Solar Panels Installed

Commercial solar panels are becoming a big hit with small and medium-sized businesses.

This is because solar panels are a great way to save money on electricity costs and also enable businesses to become more sustainable over the long term. Hence, if you ever drive around a popular business park in a major city, you’ll probably see that at least a handful of businesses now have solar panels installed on top of their office buildings or other premises.

To get the solar panels installed that are right for your business and the size of your building, contact Custom Solar and Leisure, Tucson, AZ. They’ll provide you with a custom solar plan that ticks all the right boxes for your needs. Then, they’ll install the solar panels for you, which will then enable your business to start lowering its carbon emissions.

Allow Employees to Work from Home

Hybrid work is the latest trend in the business world.

Now, most businesses, big and small, are allowing their employees to work remotely at least a couple of days a week. There are many reasons behind this, such as working from home can help boost employee productivity. However, the number one reason is that it ultimately makes businesses more sustainable.

Naturally, less electricity is used in the office as a result of remote work. On top of this, less water is wasted, too, which is also great for the planet. In some cases, businesses have even been able to downsize their offices because they no longer need as much space, which (again) helps them to become greener.

Hold Virtual Meetings and Conferences

Next, hold virtual team meetings and conferences.

For example, let’s say that you’re a B2B company and have found a lead. Normally, you would send a salesperson down to pitch your product or services to them, right? Instead of doing this, you can simply ask the potential client to join you in a video conference call instead. As a result, your salesperson doesn’t need to travel halfway across the country to do the pitch.

Encourage Employees to Walk or Get Public Transport

You should encourage all of your employees to walk to work or get public transport when possible. This way, employee carbon emissions on the road are reduced.

If your employees aren’t particularly receptive to the idea of public transport, you can (optionally) reimburse their travel expenses. This will most likely incentivize them to start catching public transport to work.


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