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8 Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Just today I was wrapping a gift, when it made me think how much gift wrapping paper and tape we are using, which goes to waste. After all, you can only teach what you preach :)

This made me think of other green ideas for gift wrapping that we can easily practice to reduce waste. The end result also looks good. So let’s explore the different eco-friendly ways to wrap a gift for your loved ones. This will add one more tick to your sustainable lifestyle and contribution to the environment.

8 Eco-friendly Ways to Gift Wrap

1. The Good Old Newspaper – Surprise, surprise! you can ditch the expensive wrapping paper by swapping them with the good old wrapping paper. Not only are these recyclable but also cheaper. You can accessorize further by using black/ maroon ribbons.

green gift wrap

2. Use Paper bags – We find so many paper bags from our shopping sprees lying uselessly in our homes and often end up throwing/ recycling them. A better way to utilize them could be to wrap a gift. Yes, use plain brown/ white/ black paper bags to wrap gifts. Since they are plain to can go crazy decorating them. You can also cut and use a paper bag inside out if it is printed.

3. Use Amazon delivery boxes/ shoe boxes – Take a brown delivery box from Amazon or a new shoe box from your last purchase 😉 and convert it into the perfect gift box.

4. Use old fabrics/ scarfs – Yes, you can do a fabric wrapping of gifts using old leftover fabric/ dupattas/ scarfs, etc. If done properly they look really regal.

green gift wrap2

5. Use natural flowers/ leaves/ twigs for decoration – Instead of buying gift accessories from markets, utilize your garden to add sparkle. You can use flowers/ leaves/ twigs for decoration or even dried ones. They look sensational!

6. Ditch the ribbons with old fabric – Yes, you can cut strands out of leftover fabric and use them instead of ribbons. Just let your creativity loose!

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7. Glass Mason jars – You can use glass mason jars at your home to gift food items like chocolates or even candles in them.

8. Use the Origami method to wrap gifts – Whoa! you can even ditch the tape and use paper folding techniques from Origami to wrap gifts without the need of buying a cello tape roll ever.

So these were some green gift-wrapping ideas from my side. Please share in the comments if you too know of such unique ideas to beautify your gifts and also contribute to the environment by doing away with gift wrapping papers, unnecessary gift accessories, or even a tape. After all, we are the Green Warriors :)


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