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17 Best Solar Inventions for Home Decor

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Solar energy is proving to be one of the best inventions in the human industry and is finding increased applications given its low cost and efficiency. The technology has matured in recent years and is now used as the primary power supply source and as objects finding high utility and purpose in home decor. Here is a list of the 17 best solar inventions for home decor:

1. Solar Lights – these include solar lights, lamps, garden lights, etc. Solar lights can run using sunlight during the daytime. Any excess solar energy can be stored in batteries to be used during evenings and nights. Solar lamps may work for 5-10 hours a day depending on the LED Light capacity, size of the battery, etc.

2. Color-changing solar power plant pots – these plants serve a dual purpose – for garden decor as well as garden lights. The plant pots absorb the sunlight during the day, and light up at night, providing light to your home.

3. Solar-powered Security Wireless Cameras – these are extremely useful and convenient. Just stick them on your window and catch any thief/ trespasser on your property without any other electric device.

4. Solar Swimming Pools – offer an excellent way to use these pools throughout the year. Solar pool heating systems have a lifespan of up to 20 to 30 years. Solar panels are being used to bring these pools to a desired temperature. Solar swimming pool heating technologies first appeared in the 1970s and today’s solar pool heating systems are super-effective and very reliable.

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5. Solar Power Entertainment Lounger – this comes with inbuilt speakers, USB charging port, etc. Solar panels are attached to each side of the chair’s base and power all the entertainment features. The chair’s recline function can also be powered by the energy generated by the solar panels. These are ideal to be installed in the pool area. Looks neat without a mesh of wires and is also safe in the wet area.


6. Solar Powered House Number Plate – Now make it super easy for guests to spot your home even in the dark. Easily display your address using solar-powered house number plates. Not only will these shine and display your address but also act as a light source for guests/passer-bys.

7. Solar Flower – this is a fully integrated, all-in-one plug-and-play solar system. At morning sunrise, the solar flower unfurls itself and blooms like a real flower. Other than smart tracking of the sun, the Smart Flower solar device also has many other smart features. The petals of the sunflower (solar panels) have tiny brushes attached to its rear surface. Every time the flower unfolds, these tiny brushes clean off the dust that accumulates on the panels.

8. Solar Powered dog house – Another cool application of solar panels could be atop a dog house. The power generated from the panels could be used to run an exhaust fan fitted on the kennel.

9. Solar Window Blinds – these are actually solar panels installed as blinds, in your window space. Ideal for apartments that receive a lot of sunlight, these blinds can reduce one’s electricity costs by up to 70%. The solar blinds are ideally installed on the outside of the window i.e. facing the sun and are capable of producing up to 100 W of electricity.

10.  Solar Roofs/ Tiles – Solar roofs can be constructed by installing “solar shingles” or “solar tiles” made by some companies. These tiles are interlocking in nature and fit onto the roof just like normal tiles. These solar tiles can generate electricity from the sun and have wires attaching them which converge into an inverter.

11. Solar-powered Patio Table – this is a really cool invention with a solar panel being used as the tabletop. You can also plug and play small devices like mobile chargers, iPods, etc. and use this table conveniently in your patio or garden areas.

12. Solar Window Chargers – You can install a rooftop PV system over your window shade. As the name suggests the roof of a house or a building is the best place to have your PV system installed, as it is exposed to the maximum sun. However, if you stay in an apartment/ residential society you can even use your window shades as your rooftops.

window rooftop

13. Solar Bricks – are used to make are made up of special tempered glass that is very strong and can even support small trucks on road. These panels also have an inbuilt LED lighting system that provides for signage, and multiprocessors that make these roads intelligent enough to communicate with each other.

14. Solar Powered Tents – These tents are unique and specially coated solar threads are woven into the conventional fabric. The solar power generated could be used for different functions like central heating, charging, etc.

15. Solar Tree – The world needs more trees. Yes during times of increasing pollution and global warming, the globe needs more and more trees to be planted. A solar tree is basically solar panels arranged on a pole, in a manner that harnesses maximum solar energy. The tree requires ~4 square feet of area and produces about 3 KW of energy with the help of solar panels and batteries. One can use as many solar panels as will be required based on power consumption.

16. Solar Fountain – this is an innovative way to use free solar power and a boon for nature lovers. Use eco-friendly ways to power your fountain in your lawn or garden. A solar panel is used to power the running of this landscaping and you can team it with a solar garden light to further add to the beauty.

17. Solar-Powered Sunshades – these make it easier for one to work outdoors effortlessly and save on travel costs and fuel consumption. All that is needed is an energy point, a wireless connection, and the sunshades (with solar panels attached). They can be installed by the swimming pool or in a garden. Ideally suited to create a blog space for bloggers who would like to step out of their homes and have an office atmosphere around!

I hope you liked the list of 16 Best solar inventions for home decor. You can keep adding to the list by using the comments on this post. Thanks for reading :)


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