According to a native American proverb, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” This means that it is pretty necessary for us to take care of mother nature so that our coming generation will be able to enjoy the soothing and healing beauty of the Earth. But […]

Russia Ukraine tension leads to Higher Fuel Price Oil prices continue to rise owing to the geopolitical tensions globally. The ongoing strife between Russia and Ukraine has caused a supply disruption globally. Demand for oil is high as countries emerge out of the deadly lockdowns and life resumes normalcy. There is a deep imbalance between […]

Incentivizing Green Hydrogen in India The Indian Government recently passed the Green Hydrogen policy, which is aimed at boosting the production to 5 million tonnes by 2030. The whole policy aims at decarbonizing the energy sector and reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and crude oil imports. India is expected to cut its climate emissions to […]

The global electric vehicle sales jumped by more than 100% in 2021, translating to nearly 6.5 million units sold worldwide. Tesla emerged as the market leader with a 14% market share, followed by Volkswagen with a 12% share and SGMW with an 11% global share. The demand for EVs was strong in China followed by […]

All You Wanted to Know about PM’s Gati Shakti Plan PM’s Gati Shakti Plan focuses on the development of integrated infrastructure wherein all infrastructure ministries will come together for the planning of multi-modal connectivity for augmenting coal production and evacuation capacity. Currently, Indian Railways remain the dominant evacuation mode for coal and is targeting to increase […]

Following the success of Bitcoin, a crypto that was a meme at first also took off. Dogecoin started back in 2013 and was intended to be a witty response to all the fuss around crypto, but years have passed and now Doge is one of the most successful digital currencies. Special Doge wallets are available […]