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A Sunlamp To Fight Winter Blues

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SAD this winter?

We will continue to talk a little more about SAD (seasonal affective disorder – more common in colder regions) and how Sunlamps can be useful in combating the same. We already touched on the topic of SAD this week, and with winter approaching there is a sudden dip in activities as well as gloom sets in. A sunlamp is an artificial light source and can be considered a substitute for sunlight. Light therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat nonseasonal depression and there is no harm in trying the same rather than popping anti-depressants. Exposure to artificial light from a sunlamp can help maintain your bodily balance. It is proven that light therapy can drastically improve the serotonin levels in one’s body which plays an important role in mood regulation.


Please note sun lamps used for treating SAD will not boost your Vitamin D levels. It also filters most of the harmful UV light. Remember it is artificial light. Please make a note not to look at the light directly. It might cause slight headaches or eyestrain. Make it a point to sit for 20-30 minutes in front of the sunlamp, ~20 inches away, and preferably at the same time of the day, every day. A sun lamp with an intensity of 10,000 lux and with bright white light is recommended for SAD and consistent use of the same is expected to yield happy results. Lamps with different intensity levels are available and it is important to choose as per your preference and usage. It goes without saying that the time spent in front of the sunlamp will depend on the intensity.

It is important to consult a doctor or see the manufacturer’s guidelines before usage.


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