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Recycled Glass for Backsplash – Adding a Touch of Sustainability to Your Homes

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A Backsplash is a vertical countertop used commonly in kitchens and bathrooms. Their primary function is to protect the wall behind from dampness in kitchens and bathrooms and from oil and grease in kitchens. Though its objective is purely functional ie. protection of the wall behind, it also is used to add aesthetics to your kitchen/ bathroom space. People have used many colorful versions to make this concept more lively. There are various options for installing a backsplash such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. They are easy to maintain and clean.


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However, an interesting twist to the story is using recycled glass as Backsplash to make your home more environmental-friendly and promote sustainability. It provides the perfect “green home” idea. Not only as backsplashes but there are also so many places where you can use recycled building materials in your home like floors, walls, countertops, tabletops, etc. The benefits of using recycled glass as building materials are many, including recyclability, ease to clean and maintenance, water/ chemicals/ stains resistance, plenty of color & shape choices, unique and eye-catching products to improve overall style, etc. Recycled glass tiles are made by melting waste glass in furnaces at high temperatures. The molten glass is then given the desired shape and form. The main disadvantage of using recycled glass in your home is more care and time required during installation. Also, read Sustainable Building Materials for your Next Home Renovation Project.

Making sustainable choices, even at your end could go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint in the world. For instance, using recycled glass could reduce glass ending up in landfills. Recycled glass can also be used to make ‘glassphalt’ for roads.

You can explore other recycled glass household products.


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