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11 Best Instagram Accounts Dedicated to Green Living

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Are you an earth-friendly person who loves learning about issues that it is facing and the tips to solve the problems? If yes, this article will surely provide information about green content creators on Instagram.

You can read about the top accounts that provide solutions for the purpose and you can use these accounts as well.

Kathryn is an Instagram creator who loves showing tips about green solutions and to protect mother nature from waste. You will surely love her solutions that promise to bring a better environment and better sustainability for green solutions lovers.

She is offering services for plastic waste, food waste, and other stuff. 


This account is run by Jihea who loves showing her green life to protect mother nature. The profile is dedicated to working against waste and other green solutions that perfectly solve many issues. 

The account features many useful and amazing tips that can help you improve your green solutions and perfect your results. At the same time, the content on this profile goes hand in hand with the amazing purpose of the profile. So, you can use it to have inspiration about your own green content and to make your life easier as a green solutions lover.


Jen is another creator that loves living by the green rules and protecting the earth from waste and bad stuff. She offers amazing solutions that can be super beneficial for any person looking for green life. Her life in the city and love for green solutions can help you improve your life with less guilt about your living style.

You can try using her tips to lead a great life without having issues with the greenery that the earth deserves from you.


Rachel and Scott, the creators behind this amazing profile work super hard and impressively to solve sustainability issues. They live in the woods which shows their love for mother nature and her efforts are super impressive to get better green solutions.


Madeleine Olivia is a great person known for her minimalistic approach to life and living. So, you can try using her account to make your content special. She features a lot of sustainable stuff with amazing vegan recipes that go into content creation.

She offers amazing tips for people who care about eco-friendly and green solutions and life. She also believes in offering great content that solves your problems with the amazing styles she has.


Jessica is another curator and influencer who loves showing her passion for amazing stuff that goes with the green thoughts of her followers. She helps improve green solutions for followers and offers amazing solutions that perfectly go with eco-friendly guides.

Her content is about eco-friendly inspiration and ethical fashion ideas that are perfected with ethical fashion ideas.


This account shows amazing love for creating solutions that go with sustainability. The content creator is a great visionary who loves helping people out with the special solutions she has to offer.

Chicks for Climate 

This account is dedicated to two of the biggest issues in the world, planet issues and lack of representation for women. They work hard to bring both of these problems to people’s minds and eyes. Their work has made a huge difference and will surely be a lot of solutions for creators.

Jack Harries

He is an amazing person who works so hard to bring amazing stories about climate change and other planet issues. His services can help you find out new things on this topic and help you get perfect solutions that can help you out.

Venetia La Manna

She is another amazing creator that is working super hard to present new green solutions to the planet and its people. Her efforts are to improve human thoughts towards used clothes and the way things are done in the sustainability section are amazing. She works hard with her amazing solutions in the green solutions department.


Jill is another blogger that perfects her followers’ thoughts and ideas about great living with a conscious mind. You can try out her cool vibe and the ideas she has to offer for several solutions that come under the umbrella of green living.

Greta Thunberg

Greta is super famous for her efforts for planet issues and you may know her as the school strike girl in Sweden. She is still working hard as an activist to solve our planet’s problems and she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice.

Why does Instagram Matter for the Cause?

We all know that Instagram is a perfect place to learn about new creators and efforts for the planet. The above-mentioned creators are super efficient and meet the needs of perfect environmental solutions the earth needs.  

If you wish to improve your knowledge about how to use Instagram for this purpose optimize your profile and much more. You can find the best tips that will surely help you understand the methods to make your voice heard. 

Final Thoughts 

We discussed some of the top accounts on Instagram to find out about green solutions and earth-friendly tips. These profiles have worked hard to get you the solutions that can solve your needs for the right eco-friendly solutions. So, try out their content to improve your love for the earth and the efforts you put in.

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