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Solar Panels Or Solar Tiles

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Solar panels have now become very popular worldwide given their green credentials and also the ability to save huge bucks. People are now thinking of going solar in a fluctuating fuel price scenario. Prices of oil and gas have sky-rocketed since the onset of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. There have been many advancements on this front both technologically as well as aesthetically.

People are very touchy about their homes and though they are convinced of the financial and environmental benefits of solar, they are still reluctant to install big chunks of solar panels on their rooftops. The major reason being the overall look of their homes. Hence many companies are now focusing on manufacturing aesthetically pleasing solar tiles and shingles based on this customer demand. They have worked hard to develop solar tiles that completely merge with the overall look of home rooftops. Thus, not making the solar installation very obvious and improving the overall look of the structure. Also, read 3 Things To Consider Before Putting Solar Panels On Your Home

How do solar tiles work?

Solar roofs can be constructed by installing “solar shingles” or “solar tiles” made by some companies. These tiles are interlocking in nature and fit onto the roof just like normal tiles. These solar tiles can generate electricity from the sun and have wires attaching them which converge into an inverter.

Advantages of Solar Tiles

1) Environment friendly

2) Saves electricity bills

3) Increased real estate value

4) More durable than panels

5) Better design

6) Easy installation

7) Roof Protection

8) Warranties from the manufacturer

9) Pleasing colors and design make it architecturally pleasing

10) Earnings & savings

Disadvantages of Solar tiles

Solar tiles are costlier than Solar Panels and have comparatively lower efficiency than solar panels. This is because solar panels can be tilted or turned based on weather conditions or shade areas, but tiles cannot as they are fixed. However, people are flocking to solar tiles in huge numbers as they are more concerned about the overall look of their homes and of course saving some bucks from this installation.


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