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Coloured Solar Panels for your Homes

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Solar Panels are used as power generating units and their work depends upon their efficiency ie. Its ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Hence, they generally come in darker shades of blacks and blues so as to increase their absorbing capacity. The higher the efficiency the better its works. However, scientists are now thinking of introducing coloured solar panels to improve their aesthetics and make their usage more versatile. Their objective is to add a dash of colour while maintaining an affordable price range as well as efficiency. Also read  Why It is Now A Must To Have Your Own Solar Panels.

To achieve this purpose, researchers in China – Tao Ma, Ruzhu Wang, and colleagues added a thin layer of photonic glass on the surface of the solar panels. Though most light can pass through the photonic glass, a few colours are also reflected back. The panels worked effectively and maintained their colour as well as performance when tested. their efficiency only dropped from 22.6% to 21.5%, despite the coating. If successful, researchers will soon launch even better coloured solar panels as per the customer preferences.

Solar panels are being largely used on rooftops and the usage of coloured panels could further increase the beauty of the overall structure, further leading to increased demand. In urban cities, using rooftop solar panels is the only option given that land is scarce. Their standard monochrome appearance leaves less room for designers to make the overall building look attractive. Many customers and designers are reluctant to use solar panels on rooftops or other visible parts of the building given its boring and dull appearance, though the benefits of installing solar are way more than its mere appearance. However, the introduction of coloured solar panels could be a breakthrough in this regard.


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