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An Introduction to Biophilic Design or Green Architecture

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Biophilic design or green architecture aims at replacing windows, doors, and columns with trees, greenery, and birds. The word Biophilia means the love of nature and living things. Nature is our natural habitat but with modernization, the natural forests are gradually being replaced by skyscrapers and urban construction. Nature is slowly receding in the background. The biophilic design focuses on bringing back nature in this urban setup by excessive usage of natural materials, natural light, water features, and plants. It is medically been proved that staying close to nature has a calming effect on humans and there is an overall improvement in physiological as well as psychological health. Imagine waking up daily to greens and waterfalls rather than a balcony overseeing your neighbors or encountering more trees while on your way to work. This mere sight could keep you happier and reduce stress levels throughout the day.

Plus, it would lower the level of air pollution in cities drastically. It could be the first step towards solving this long-term issue of pollution and productivity. Singapore has truly triumphed in the spirit of a garden city with the most biophilic architecture. The city’s Park Royal Hotel, Khoo Tech Puat Hospital, Jewel Changi Airport, and Garden by the Bay are a few examples of this exemplary concept. Explore popular biophilic buildings around the world.

Changi Airport

The Changi Airport, Singapore

Really tempted after reading this? Wait till you see the pictures or actually experience this. Your quality of life is bound to improve if you stay in such a habitat. Moreover, the recent pandemic has also stressed upon the concept of sustainable and healthier lifestyles. Here are a few benefits of biophilic buildings:

  1. Improves air quality
  2. Increases levels of productivity as well as physical and mental well-being
  3. Decreases levels of stress
  4. Natural temperature and light regulation
  5. Promotes a calm and peaceful environment
  6. Improving aesthetics and overall look.

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