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Research paper on Solar Energy: 10 tips to write a top-notch Project

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Using alternative, environmentally friendly sources of energy remains a relevant topic nowadays. In this article, we will provide you with ten tips for creating a research paper about solar energy of an outstanding level of quality.

Instructions and requirements

The first and one of the most important features that guarantee you that your research will be fully appreciated is attention to the instructions. The research paper about solar energy can be your academic assignment, the topic chosen for the article, a speech for a conference, or some other option. In any case, the first and the most important is to review instructions patiently. During such consideration, you may have some questions. Due to that, it is important to review the instructions beforehand to ask those questions to one who can answer and have enough time to wait for this answer. Be sure that you have the proper length and number of sources in your research paper and that it fits all other formal requirements. 

photovoltaics in solar power station energy from natural.


There hardly can be found a type of paper that might be related to solar energy and does not require representing the background of the chosen issue. Hence, depending on your specific case, you can represent the relation between the environment and solar energy in a sentence or two or in several long paragraphs. Even if you will just shortly mention that solar energy systems are beneficial for the environment, you can still refer to one or a few credible sources. This will help to make your references list more representational and make your writing look more convincing. The environment is one of the main reasons why solar energy should be used, and it is important to emphasize that in the research paper. 

Specifics of your area

Different kinds of papers require to represent not only the background but the context of the problem as well. Because of that, it is highly important to take a look at reviews that will allow you to explain what is the actual state of affairs in the chosen region. Does it already use solar energy? If yes, how long, and if any results already can be seen? If solar energy is not used, then why? Solar energy is a relevant topic, and hence you will not need to make too much effort to find some information about using it in a certain region or state. 


This tip is related to the context and environmentally friendly alternatives as well. When you must write about solar energy, you can show your conversance about the topic by explaining and comparing solar energy with alternatives. Did the people in the region start to use it just after it became possible, or has some time passed? If they started using it after some time, what were the reasons to wait? What was the alternative source of energy they had used before solar? Or, if solar energy is not used, what is the source that is the most popular in the region and why? Is solar energy the most effective, environmentally friendly one for this region? Use the questions that are the most proper for your case.


If the paper about solar energy is the first time you are faced with the writing of a certain type, there is no wrong way to take a look at an example of similar work. It is especially important while solar energy is a relevant problem, and there are many papers on this topic. It can be good to look at the papers that were written before your one to be sure that your paper is original enough. In case you feel that you need professional help writing a paper you can use a research paper service such as CustomWritings. It provides professional assistance for students from many countries, including the USA. Anyone who wants to order a personalized example of a research paper in English written by experienced writers online can use this service and get an original paper written from scratch. You can become a customer of this company, buy an example of the paper you need and evaluate their services by yourself.

Up-to-date sources 

Our first tip was to be attentive to the instructions, and this particularly means their number and contemporaneity. It is really an important item because some assignments allow you to use only the sources that were written during the last ten, and sometimes even the last five years. However, even if such requirements are not represented, it is still better for you to use up-to-date sources. Nowadays, we can see the rapid technological progress that allows humanity to move further, and at the same time, the information becomes non-actual very fast. 

Old sources

What can you do when the up-to-date sources are limited and your references list is not long enough? You can use older sources, but not as a source of actual information, because such an approach can make your paper look cheap. Instead of that, you can provide some kind of historical context and show how the use of solar energy developed during the time generally and in a particular region. That will help you to add more information to the paper, more items to the bibliography, and look like an expert.

Credible sources

If the level of your work is at least college level, you need to get used to credible academic sources. It is especially important in the context of solar energy because searching on the internet, you can easily find a website with general articles about the need to use more environmentally friendly sources, but it will not give you any helpful and credible data. The sources that must be top in your priority are scientific articles that explain in detail how solar energy works, for which areas it is the most useful, and provide the statistics about their impact on the environment. 

Non-academic sources

While academic sources are your high priority, you can still use other sources, but very carefully. You can pay attention to the well-known journals and magazines such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others that you might not read but have definitely heard of. You can try to use data from official government websites or sites of the companies which are related to solar energy. If you use such sources, it is better to avoid direct quotations only if they are not really suitable for your context. It is better to generalize and explain why the data from the source is important for your particular context and study. 


It is the best custom you can get despite the type of research papers and essays you write. Remember, there is no writer who can write a text without any mistakes or misprints, and be sure that work is done just after the last period. You can feel free when you write but don’t forget to read your text and edit it after the work is done. It can be better to leave it for some time after the text is finished and proofread it for at least after a few hours. With such an attitude, you can be sure that you will see all misprints and mistakes and successfully correct them. 


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