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Advantages of A Portable Solar Rooftop System

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A portable Solar Rooftop system is a plug-and-play photovoltaic installation on the rooftop. A portable solar system comprises panels, a stand, cable, storage case, solar charge controller, inverter, and a battery. A portable solar panel was initially designed to charge mobile phones and other small electronic appliances and heat water in remote areas. They can also be used to charge car batteries. A portable solar panel is small and can be easily carried from one place to another. Also, read Why Eco-Friendly Roofing is a Good Home Investment

Advantages of Portable Solar Rooftop System

i) Easy to Carry – One of the major hassles of life in cities today is relocation. Many tenants shy away from installing solar systems as they live in rented apartments and do not want to incur heavy expenditure. This portable plug-and-play solar rooftop system is a perfect solution for such people. This system can be folded and carried along wherever you relocate next.

Portable Solar Rooftop system by Servotech

Portable Solar Rooftop System by Servotech

ii) Easy to install – Portable solar rooftop system can be easily installed as all connections are pre-done. You just need to plug the entire system for it to start working. Also, the PV Port system allows the space below the panels to be utilized. This technology should lead to increased adoption of solar in the country given the convenience.

iii) Cost-effective – Each system leads to an average annual savings of 30%-50% on electricity bills. The system has an ROI of 5-6 years. It doesn’t require a net metering mechanism as it is not feeding to the grid and are also eligible for subsidy under DisCom Scheme.

iv) Low Maintenance – Auto sprinkler systems can maintain the panels. These are clamped on stands and are easy to maintain. Moreover, smart devices ensure little or no maintenance costs.

v) Green Credentials – These are green products and are used extensively to reduce your carbon footprint. These are also compatible with the Indian weather conditions.

vi) Available in small sizes – These systems are available in different sizes and come with or without battery storage. Hence it could be a good size to experiment for people who are contemplating going solar. If they like it, they can further expand the system with more panels.

In India Solar Energy news – Servotech’s portable solar rooftop system was installed in Gandhinagar’s Swaminarayan Temple (Gujarat) in collaboration with GIZ and under the MNRE scheme to develop renewable energy cities across India.


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