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5 Tricks to a Quick Fix of Damages in your Home

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It feels good to own a home, but it is not all weekends you will be relaxing in your home. On some days, you have to get the gloves on and do some necessary fixes to keep the home safe and efficient. Occasional DIY repairs are part of the package of owning a home. You should be able to handle simple repairs at home. Here are five fixes to try on your own.

5 Tricks to a Quick Fix of Damages in your Home

Paint a Room or Two

Painting changes the whole appearance of your home. Whether you just need to cover a hole or paint an entire room, you need to learn the basics of prepping the surface and later painting it. You need a couple of paintbrushes and work clothes to get the job done.

 Prepping makes the job successful. Start by removing any fixtures, curtain rods, door hinges, and switch plates. Preparation will take time, but it will make the process smooth and simple. Leaving fixtures and other things in place only makes the process longer than it has to be. Clean your walls to remove grease and dust and look for holes and any imperfections on the wall. Apply a primer to sanded sections of the wall and then apply the paint.

Handle Door Repairs

Doors will largely be in good shape for a long time. However, they may start squeaking or sticking. Most of the door problems are minor but problematic. Seasonal climate changes affect the wooden doors where they swell and stick. You need to tighten loose screws on the door. If the door still sticks even after you tighten the screws, note the tight spots. If your door keeps sticking during the cold, rain, or humid season, you might need to plane it to allow space for expansion. However, consider that the expansion problem goes away after a few months. For squeaking, you need to lubricate it with a little oil.

Repair Some Leaking Pipes, Faucets, and More

A leaky faucet can lead to the loss of so much water and increase your water bill. You could use that water cash to develop your home or buy something else. The process of how to stop a leaking faucet will depend on the type of faucet you have in your home. Most faucets today feature a simple shutoff valve that you can use to stop the flow of water. You can also shut off the water supply to the entire house until the problem is fixed.

Try unscrewing the handle of the faucet and removing it. Remove the packing nut and the valve system and everything else that holds the faucet together. Screw all the parts back together and check whether there are any leaks.

Fix Wallpapers and Fixtures with Ease

You never have to call a professional to screw back fixtures on your wall or set the wallpapers back. If the fixtures have screws, all you have to do is tighten the loose screws. For wallpapers, some come with a hanging loop, and for others, you have to use the strongest double-sided tape to stick them to the wall.

You can attach some tools or tool racks to the walls using screws or double-sided tape. Ensure your wall is clean and the paint is dry before you can screw back any fixtures.

Applying Caulk

Caulk protects your walls and floors from moisture. With time, caulk wears off and leaves your floor or your walls exposed to damage. It is easy to apply caulk, thanks to the fact that it glues itself into place, so you only need to apply a single coat. To ensure your home is not susceptible to water damage, remove the discolored and damaged caulk and replace that with fresh caulk.

Removing the caulk residue takes time, but failure to remove the old beads will render the new caulk useless. You need a razor scraper and a product that can soften the old caulk. Clean the space with paint thinner and then install new caulk.

There are many more DIY projects you can carry out at home, such as repairing leaking toilets. You need to have the right tools to be able to handle these projects.

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