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Buy DOGE Coin with Credit Card

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Following the success of Bitcoin, a crypto that was a meme at first also took off. Dogecoin started back in 2013 and was intended to be a witty response to all the fuss around crypto, but years have passed and now Doge is one of the most successful digital currencies. Special Doge wallets are available on all platforms from Windows to Android, making this crypto accessible to everyone. In addition, it is possible to store Dogecoin on numerous third-party e-wallets. If you want to learn more about the specifics of this crypto and buying DOGE coin through various means, continue reading this article.

General Info about Doge Crypto

If you look at the Dogecoin symbol, you will most likely recognize the meme behind it. Back in 2013, this funny and cute Shiba Inu dog was all over the Internet. Its sarcastic and hilarious expression on the original meme made everyone fall in love with the Doge, as they call it. The original developer of Dogecoin decided to use this meme both for the name and symbol of a new cryptocurrency. The intention was to create a crypto that will make fun of all the other serious cryptocurrencies in a way. However, Doge coin received tons of positive responses, which eventually led to the continued development of this crypto and made it a powerful competitor to all the other virtual currencies on the market.

To get more technical, Dogecoin was originally built with the help of the same assets behind Litecoin. This helped Doge with creating a powerful foundation that led to this crypto becoming so successful. In addition, Dogecoin is uncapped. This means that there is no limit to the amount of Dogecoin tokens in the world as of now. Bitcoin, for instance, has a limited supply. There are only 21 million BTC tokens that can be mined, which means that as soon as all coins are obtained, the only way of getting them will be via trading. Returning back to Dogecoin, this virtual currency is still limitless, which provides huge potential for the community.

Why You Should Buy Doge

Dogecoin is one of the cryptos that are very fitting for beginners in the cryptocurrency world. In the crypto community, Doge is often used for tips, which is also attractive for newbies. Dogecoin developers encourage utilizing this currency as regularly as possible, which is why people often use Doge for various electronic payments. Here are some other advantages of purchasing Dogecoin at exchanges like P2PB2B:

  • Purchasing with plastic cards – although users cannot buy Doge with fiat money directly, it is quick and easy to purchase tons of other cryptos like BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., and trade them for Dogecoin;
  • Top Security – almost 100% of all Doge tokens are kept in cold wallets, which is the best way of protecting crypto from hackers;
  • High liquidity – there is an unlimited supply of Dogecoin, which means you will be able to buy as many tokens as you want and whenever you can;
  • Speed – this trading platform offers top speed for all crypto transactions and Doge as well. You will be able to obtain the necessary amount of coins as quickly as possible;
  • Accessible trading – competitive pricing for all cryptocurrencies allows buying Doge and other tokens conveniently;
  • Client care – client support services are available round the clock in multiple languages to be able to assist with your questions or issues at all times, etc.

Despite the high demand for Dogecoin, you can still purchase it without trouble. This crypto is extremely convenient for buying goods and services on the Internet, as well as tipping online creators you want to support.

Learn Where to Buy DOGE Coin

There are actually quite a few ways of obtaining Doge Tokens. Apart from buying it with a credit card, such as MasterCard and Visa, users can purchase Doge with other popular cryptocurrencies.

Because Dogecoin started as a meme, it is incredibly popular in online communities. Gaming community members often use Doge for tipping streamers and players. In addition, Twitter and Reddit users also utilize Dogecoin quite often.

There is a platform called Dogecoin faucet, which encourages using this cryptocurrency. After registering there, you can receive a small gift of Doge to help you get started. And last but not least, Doge like any other crypto can be mined. You can join a mining pool for Dogecoin, or mine by yourself on a computer. Dogecoin can be mined conveniently together with Litecoin on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

As you can see, there are numerous ways of getting your hands on Dogecoin tokens. Whether you choose to mine or simply purchase it from an online exchange, you will be able to get the necessary amount without trouble. This is a convenient crypto for beginners, as many Internet communities welcome it without asking for much knowledge or tons of money like with Bitcoin. You can purchase yourself some Doge tokens right now.

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