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What Is a Solar Inverter System and Do You Need One? A Closer Look

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The average utility customer uses close to 900-kilowatt hours of electricity per month. Depending on where you live, most if not all of this could be produced by solar panels on your roof. It all depends on your solar inverter system.

What is a solar inverter? It is a critical piece of solar infrastructure that converts solar energy into a form your home can use. If you are planning on going solar, or if you have an existing system, you need to know about it.

Without your solar inverter, the energy harnessed by your solar system would be useless. Read on to learn all you need to know about solar inverter systems and how they affect your home’s total solar energy production.

What Does It Do?

A solar inverter system may sound like something out of a recent science fiction movie, but it plays a critical role in any solar power system’s electricity production process. A solar inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity.

Without this crucial step, the power your photovoltaic panels harvest from the sun would be unusable. To understand how it works, you first need to understand a bit more about electricity.

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What Is Direct Current?

Direct current, or DC for short, is one form of electrical current. It is the type of current that your photovoltaic panels produce from the sun’s energy. Direct currents maintain constant electricity voltage in one direction.

Unfortunately, neither your home nor the power grid can use direct current. Only an alternating current is usable by both your home and the grid. An alternating current is more stable and versatile making it better for both.

What Is Alternating Current?

Alternating current, or AC for short, is a type of electrical current that flows in both directions. The flow is moderated by positive and negative voltage changes. AC is the type of current used in your home and the power grid.

A solar inverter system takes this raw DC current and converts it into a usable AC one. It is a vital piece of machinery for any large or small solar system.

Who Needs A Solar Inverter System?

Anyone from an individual residential solar customer, to a large industrial solar plant, needs a solar inverter system. Larger operations require larger, or multiple, solar inverter systems.

An individual homeowner may be able to get by with a single small solar inverter linked between their photovoltaic panels and home electricity hookup. Having a well-maintained inverter is part of learning how to save with solar.

You Need A Solar Inverter System

Your solar inverter system is your link to the sun’s energy. Without one, you would not have a functional photovoltaic energy system. With one, you can convert raw solar energy into a usable form of electricity.

Use the information in this guide to identify the solar inverter in your solar system. If you are getting an installation, ask the technician which part it is. Keep it well maintained as well! For other vital info check back with our page!


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