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Automation in the Construction Project: The Best Way Improve Concrete Delivery Tracking

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In all construction sites, the contractor is responsible for concrete compliance and placement. Indeed, most companies are focused on ensuring that the concrete meets the set standards and strict control followed during delivery.

If your project is in areas where achieving optimal working conditions is a challenge, getting the right data can be tough. This brings us to the main question, how can you facilitate monitoring for all on-site teams? The answer is automation. Let’s dig deeper to demonstrate how this works.

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The Complex Process of Gathering Data

Before looking at how automation can help, let’s start with the complicated process of gathering data. In an ongoing construction site, there are so many activities taking place simultaneously, and team managers must coordinate the work to ensure high standards are met. Therefore, a tracking sheet should be developed when a concrete mixer gets to the site.

For every delivery, a receipt should be attached for gathering the right information and concrete tracking. Some of the information required includes:

  •  Number of delivery receipt
  •  Concrete plant
  •  Vehicle identification
  •  Arrival time on site
  • Unloading start and end time

If you try to create the tracking sheet for the concrete without an appropriate tool, the process can be complex and lengthy. Again, paper-based tracking is prone to human error, ultimately making it challenging to gather reliable information. If you are dealing with multiple sites, the tracking will be more challenging. This is why you should adopt cloud-based construction management software because it helps to improve efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

Advantages of Using Construction Material Tracking Program

When you digitize the site procedures and monitoring using appropriate programs, the entire tracking process becomes very easy. Data synchronization is also easy so that it is easily accessible via different web dashboards. This helps to simplify both on-site and off-site project monitoring.

Tracking your metrics

The level of control also improves significantly with project monitoring programs. For example, a good app can allow you to simply scan the QR code with a smartphone for instant notification that shows whether the concrete is in line with the targeted use. What an excellent way to avoid errors! which can otherwise turn out to be very expensive?

Data Automation with QR Codes

Tech advances have resulted in the development of new tools, which make communication easy and reliable. One such tech advance is the Quick Response (QR) code. Most construction firms include QR codes in their receipts, allowing you to simply scan the codes to confirm the details.

The moment a code is scanned, a timestamp is generated automatically, capturing crucial details, such as batch time, delivery number, supplier, quantity, site code, and concrete formula. With QR codes, you are sure of eliminating human error.

Although QR codes are the best, you can still use good construction management software to easily gather concrete information. For example, these programs make it easy to fill different fields, such as supplier and concrete formula, by following drop-down menus.

Monitoring Important Tracking Indicators

The best practice for any construction site, as said by Novade,  is to ensure you develop a good monitoring system for the concrete that will be used. If you can run automatic calculations, it becomes easy to save time and avoid errors. A good concrete tracking program allows you to determine and record the following:

  •       The total volume of concrete delivered
  •        Volume from each supplier
  •        Total number of concrete mixers

In addition, you will get improved visibility of important information to help assess the progress of your project. You will also be able to ensure deliveries are compliant with technical and specification requirements.

A Good Program makes It Easy to Visualize Data with an Intuitive Dashboard

If you opt to use regular data sheets, such as excel, the process of collecting data and processing it becomes very complex. However, a good construction material tracking app makes it easy to gather data and make the details available in real-time. It also offers an excellent dashboard where you can access the following with a single click or tap:

  • Concrete delivery receipts are sorted based on time, date, and slip delivery number.
  • Delivery receipts can be attached to different lab tests.
  • Data can be promptly exported in excel formats and distributed to different departments.
  • Graphs, such as curves, are designed for better visualization by different stakeholders.

To track concrete delivery for your construction site, trying to do it manually is likely to result in major challenges. However, you can intensify the efficiency of data collection, simplify the process and enhance productivity by working with the right construction material tracking software.


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