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Getting it Right with Sustainability Reporting: Time to Pick the Best Software

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Over the last few decades, ESG sustainability reporting has become the new force that is defining strategy formulation and the objectives that companies set in social, environmental, and corporate governance.

However, concerns about the accuracy of the data presented in reports have emerged, making it almost impossible for investors and other stakeholders to draw the right decisions about the company under consideration.

For example, how was the data on emission reduction gathered? Are the results consistent and comparable? One of the ways, we prefer calling it the best, for addressing ESG reporting gaps is using sustainability reporting software.

Tracking your ESG metrics

With good sustainability management software, it becomes easy to align a company’s operations with the selected reporting framework, such as the GRI framework or SASB framework. If you select a good program, it might even be possible to automate data collection. So, here are some useful tips for selecting the best sustainability reporting software for your company.

Go for the Software that Matches with Your Company Goals 

The types of sustainability reporting software available on the market today are diverse and come with many features as well as functionalities.

Here, you need to think about your company’s needs and try to check what matches them well. Remember that what works with another organization might not necessarily be the best for your firm. So, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Industry type.
  • Business size.
  • The sustainability goals.
  • Present efforts for sustainability, such as corporate social responsibility efforts.
  • Targeted stakeholders.

Ease of Use and Training Requirements 

When companies set off shopping for new programs, it is important to select something that is easy to use for the targeted team. This argument should also apply when selecting sustainability management software.

So, start by reviewing the program and compare several in terms of ease of use. If your sustainability team will require additional training, go for the developer that offers it. The training can be onsite or offsite.


To know more about the ease of use, it might also be a good idea to read through feedback given by previous users. To learn more, make sure to also check the expert reviews of the program. Professionals might even help to compare the program with others, increasing the chances of selecting the best.

Customer Support for the Sustainability Management Program 

As the field of sustainability reporting advances, stakeholders are demanding more accurate and reliable information. Therefore, the developer of the program you select should provide two things:

  • Professional support: This is important because your sustainability team will get assisted when stuck with the program. Only go for the model that makes access to such help easy, fast, and professional.
  • Regular updates: After developing a sustainability management program, the developer should not tire of creating new features and additions to make it better. For example, if you want to scale the reporting efforts to six issues instead of the current, say two or three, the updates available should make it easy.

Security of the Program 

Since the program you get is installed in your computers and management system, it will access even sensitive information, including financial data. Therefore, you should look for the software that is developed with the security of the user data in mind.

As you review the sustainability program, ensure it adheres to all security protocols, such as advanced encryption and the ability to limit accessibility. You might also want to bring an expert to help with the review of the safety protocols.

One of the most outstanding ESG sustainability reporting software is Diginex. The program is designed with a wide range of features that make collecting data and processing reports easy and fast. Do not just work with any software for the process of ESG sustainability reporting; go for the best.


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