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Best Eco-Friendly Finds to Add to Your Bedroom Now

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The bedroom is a space of harmony. It’s the place where you relax and unwind from the toils of the day. Making your bedroom eco-friendly will help conserve energy and improve the planet while bringing you lots of joy. 

Going eco-friendly is actually easier than it might seem. All it takes is a little research and planning, then going for the pieces and elements that make the bedroom a lovely eco-friendly nook. 

Let’s take you through the eight top eco-friendly finds that you can add to your bedroom now. 

1. LED lighting is energy efficient

Lighting is an important aspect in any room, your bedroom included. It changes the mood of a room and gives it an impressive and atmospheric look. To make the bedroom eco-friendlier, consider going for LED lighting.

Unlike conventional lighting, LED lighting systems use less energy, and they have a long lifespan. They will save you money while making your bedroom cleaner and environmentally friendly. 

2. Invest in an environmentally friendly mattress

The best mattress is one that soothes you to sleep almost immediately. Conventional mattresses might be good at this, but they contain harmful materials like flame retardants and plastic waste. 

A better option would be getting an eco-friendly mattress made out of sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and wool. Not only will this mattress allow you to sleep like a baby, but you’ll also get to sleep like a baby with a clean conscience. 

3. Eco-friendly furniture can last longer

Having a chair or couch in your bedroom makes a great place to think, read a book, or finish up on remaining work. For the benefit of the environment, consider going for furniture that’s high in quality, resource-efficient and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly furniture contains sustainable materials such as bamboo and rattan. These materials are durable, recyclable, and will make your bedroom a greener haven

Aside from sustainable furniture being reliable and functional, adding them to your bedroom can give spruce up the interiors of your space too.

4. Get green with house plants

Nothing adds ambiance and beauty to a room than the presence and lush of house plants. They purify the air, help improve one’s mood, and, most importantly, they absorb harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. 

If you’re looking to go eco-friendly, get yourself a set of houseplants, then place them on your dresser or nightstand. Houseplants will not only make you feel at peace. They will also make your bedroom livelier and more natural. 

Here are some of the recommended houseplants for beginners: 

  • Snake Plant

This houseplant cleans the air by removing toxins. Additionally, it’s easy to manage because it only requires occasional watering. 

  • Peace Lily

It’s one of the best indoor plants because of its high tolerance to different lighting conditions. Moreover, peace lily has white flowers and curving leaves that only need moderate watering.

Green giveaways

5. Reclaimed wooden shelf or nightstand

One of the benefits of having a reclaimed wooden shelf or nightstand is how it creates a beautiful rustic theme in your bedroom. Many might not know that this set of furniture is also eco-friendly. Reclaimed wooden shelves and nightstands are made from old recycled wood, which means they help prevent more trees from being cut to make furniture.

To make your bedroom eco-friendlier, consider going for reclaimed wooden shelves and nightstands since they are durable, unique, and safe for the environment. They’re not only functional because they can also add charm to your cozy bedroom. 

6. Buy a water-powered clock

Water-powered clocks do not need batteries to work. They are powered by a galvanic cell battery and an electrolyte solution (lemon-laced water). All they need is love and a little bit of tap water. These clocks are the perfect alternative to battery clocks since they help reduce the carbon footprint. 

You can choose the colors and designs that best complement your bedroom then smile, knowing you are a step closer to having a 100% eco-friendly bedroom. 

7. Organic beddings

Besides getting an eco-friendly mattress, you can also go for bedding sheets and covers made from organic fabrics. These beddings are high quality, durable and will make your bed and your room feel healthier and more natural. 

You can also try bedding covers made out of food-grade polyethylene since this material is safe for the environment. In addition, you can use buckwheat hulls or empty organic shells of buckwheat seeds to fill your pillows. A buckwheat pillow provides a firm, contouring support that promotes proper head and neck positioning. 

With organic beddings and pillows, you can have a complete eco-friendly bedroom set to help you attain a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

8. Curtains made from natural materials

Styling your bedroom with beautifully designed eco-friendly curtains will give it a greener and healthier feel. Conventional curtains might look good, but they are made out of synthetic fabric, which is harmful to the environment.

Try looking for curtains made from linen, hemp, and organic cotton because they are long-lasting and energy-conserving. Additionally, curtains made from natural materials are typically hypoallergenic, so they don’t pose health risks such as allergies, rashes, or asthma.

While at it, ensure you find eco-friendly curtains that complement your bedroom. With these curtains, not only can you help preserve the environment, but you can also ensure the health and safety of your family.

Final words

The bedroom is an outward reflection of your lifestyle. Making it eco-friendly will communicate that you are not only stylish but that you also care for the environment.

You can try adding these eight finds to your bedroom to make it more natural and eco-friendlier. We hope you found this guide informative. 

And we hope your journey to a greener lifestyle is joyful and fulfilling. 



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