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5 Truths You Must Know About Junk Removal Business before You Begin!

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Today, the collection and disposal of junk is a very relevant and profitable business, since it is always in demand in the service market. One of the advantages of this business is low competition and demand for the service throughout the year, that is, the absence of seasonality.

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Thinking about a Junk Removal Business? Ever heard of companies like we-junk that provide professional garbage collection services? Such companies do not just take out unnecessary junk, they help preserve the environment in which we live. But in order to start such a business, you need to know the whole truth about it and then you will be sure that everything will work out.

1.Take a look at the junk around!

An integral part of human life is the generation of various types of junk, including not only food but also household and electronic waste. And the more difficult our life is, the more we consume, the more junk we generate. The main feature of junk raw materials is that their reserves are practically inexhaustible. Each year, each resident produces 300-400 kg of household waste. This means that a city with a population of 1 million people has 300-400 tons of garbage per year. And over time, this number increases.

After making sure that there is enough garbage, you should do a market analysis. This is an important condition when starting any business. Evaluate all the garbage collection services in your area and give an accurate estimate of whether you can compete with them. Also, when analyzing the market, you will be able to understand what costs you need for the disposal and recycling of waste and how much it will cost. Ask all the questions that interest you and try to find answers to them from existing companies.

2.Get lawyered up!

Today there are a sufficient number of such companies, but only a few survive in the market for such services. The main reason for this trend is a frivolous attitude towards the very process of organizing a business. Indeed, for the successful functioning of an enterprise, a correct and high-quality business plan is required. Junk Removal is no exception.

Stages of Junk Removal Business organization:

  • Formulation of the very idea of waste disposal. Discussing it with specialists in this field of activity.
  • Get lawyered up to register a legal entity. This is a necessary procedure since various contracts will be concluded on behalf of such an enterprise.
  • Registration of a certain package of permits.
  • Office space. You need to place administrative staff, accounting, and dispatchers somewhere. It can be a small room equipped with appropriate furniture, communications, and computer equipment.
  • Staff recruitment. 
  • Purchase of vehicles (junk trucks). On such a resource as Erhan Makina Sistemleri you can see which vehicles are better for junk removal, read its technical specifications and watch video reviews.


3.You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Before starting a Junk Removal Business, even if you have the perfect business plan and are ready to start implementing it, you should do some market research. It is worth doing this in order to conduct an analysis of the target audience and take into account all the risks of your business. It is better to think it over before you face it in reality so that your business is not destroyed.

You should also temporarily work in a similar company to understand from the inside how this business works. By understanding the system of junk removal companies, you will not be afraid to open your own business.

4. Know the Barriers to Entry

As with any business, a junk removal business plan should take into account both the positive and negative aspects of the process.


  • A constant increase in the production of “raw materials”.
  • The high urgency of the problem, which lies not only in the deterioration of the environmental situation but also in raising this issue at the international level.
  • Huge prospects for development, although you can start a business from a small workshop.
  • Business profitability ranges from 60 to 80%.


  • Expensive equipment.
  • Competition.
  • Lack of garbage sorting culture.

5.Consider Seasonality

Junk removal services are in demand throughout the year, which is why the Junk Removal Business is one that does not depend on seasonality. Junk Removal Business will be relevant all year round! This is one of the big benefits to look out for.



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