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How to keep your Induction Cooktop Functional – Detailed cleaning plan

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Cooking on an Induction cooktop is energy-efficient and generates almost less residual heat. If you are using an induction cooktop, you should take care of its maintenance for better performance. If you are lazy in cleaning it, it will give you bad performance. Can you bear that? I don’t think so as you have invested a handsome amount to install this cooktop. 

So, work on the given cleaning schedule on a daily, and weekly basis. Most importantly, do not miss in-depth cleaning of all the parts. When you keep your induction cooktop well managed, it will serve you more without any problem and will continue to save on your energy bills. I think you will find it convenient to clean rather than spend more money to fix it. 

Induction cooktop cleaning

If you want to keep your induction cooktop shiny all the time, you have to make sure to clean it on time as the oil or grease stick to the surface that results in problems. But cleaning of induction cooktop does not require massive tools or expensive cleaner. You can do it with the help of just water or some other household materials. If you are planning to upgrade your cooktop with an induction top, make sure to go through induction cooktops reviews for the best experience.

Here are the things you can use to clean the induction cooktop.

Things to use

  • Water
  • Toothpaste 
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwash soap

Here are the things you must avoid using on an induction cooktop.

Things not to use on an induction cooktop

  • Harsh cleaners
  • Chlorine-based cleaners or soaps
  • Scrubby materials
  • Knife or metallic scrapper
  • Scrub sponge
  • Flammable materials 

You can also look at using a Solar Cooker.

Daily cleaning

In the daily cleaning of the induction cooktop, you just need a damp cloth or a towel. When you have to clean the top, wait for a moment until it cools down and then rinse the surface. When you wipe the surface, oil splashes, grease, and other food particles will be removed. There will be no build-up of the grime and the top will be in the finest condition.

If the spots on the cooktop are not getting removed with a damp cloth, you can use a mild cleaner that is friendly to the surface and does not damage it. After using the cream, again wipe the surface with a damp pad. 

Heavy-duty cooktop cleaning round

The heavy-duty cleaning round of the induction cooktop does not mean that you need a hell of tools and materials. It just reflects that you have to clean the interior and exterior of the cooktop in a planned manner. Your effort in this round will be quite minimized if you have worked on a daily cleaning routine. So, let’s see what you have to do in heavy-duty cleaning of induction cooktop.

  • Baking soda and vinegar solution

The first DIY solution to clean the induction cooktop surface is the combination of baking soda with vinegar. In fact, you do not have to directly mix both of these ingredients. So, first remove any solid food leftovers, stubborn food particles, or melted materials. If they are hard enough and you can not remove them with the hands, take a plastic scraper and remove all hard food particles. When you are done, mix equal quantities of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Now spray this solution on all sides of the top, inner and outer sides, and let it be there for some time. After about half an hour, sprinkle some baking powder on it and again leave for some time. Wait about 15 minutes. After this time, clear the surface with a dry cloth and then wipe the surface to remove any effect of vinegar or soda. When you do this, the surface will be crystal clear just like a new cooktop. 

  • Baking soda and dishwasher solution

Another homemade solution that you can use on an induction cooktop is the mixture of baking soda and dishwasher soap in water. Mix the dishwasher liquid in water to make it more diluted and spray it on the surface. When you spray this mixture, spread some baking soda on the top and cover it with a big piece of cloth. Now, you can rest for about 15 minutes. After this time, remove the cloth and wipe the surface with a dry duster. Now take a damp cloth and wipe the surface carefully. You will see all the stubborn and filthy spots will be gone.

  • Only toothpaste

This is the ultimate and easiest trick to clear the induction cooktop within minutes. If you are sensitive enough and do not want to use vinegar or baking soda, spread some toothpaste, wait for some time and rinse the surface. You will get the best surface.


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