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4 Surprising Green Business Ideas That Work

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As time passes, and record-breaking heat waves, cold snaps, and altered rainfall patterns sow destruction, it becomes increasingly difficult to be a climate change denier. With growing awareness of our impact on the planet, businesses are realizing that being “green” isn’t just a nice add-on to give people a fuzzy feeling – and new green business ideas are making news and winning hearts. We take a look at some unusual ideas that may soon become the themes for the mainstream way of getting things done.

1. Green Funeral Services

Baby boomers plan to have a greener funeral than their parents – and the funeral industry is responding. From green cremations with low to no carbon emissions to green burials in memorial gardens without headstones and heavy coffins, disposing of one’s remains in an environmentally-friendly way is gaining consumer support. In the past, cremation or traditional burial were the options – and though traditional cremation produces carbon emissions, it was arguably the greener of the two options. Now, people have more choices, and many are choosing the greener solution as their final gift to the planet and generations to follow.

2. Eco-Friendly Construction-Related Businesses 

Green architecture and building practices are on the rise. From using smart design to reduce heating and cooling requirements to choosing materials that, instead of contributing to emissions, sequester carbon, businesses up and down the construction supply chain stand to benefit. The potential scope of this trend is larger than one might expect. For example, skyscrapers made from laminated wood are gaining popularity, boosting adhesives businesses, sawmills, the forestry industry, and more. The need to source materials locally in order to remain “green” boosts local suppliers of building materials, and those with clever ideas to reduce environmental impact in the construction industry are sure to enjoy support. 

Solar Roof

3. Urban Agriculture

The words “urban” and “agriculture” may once have been contradictions in terms, but that’s no longer true. Rooftop hydroponic and aquaponic farms produce greens for local businesses striving to capture market share from environmentally-conscious citizens. And city dwellers are eager to try their own hand at small-scale food-gardening, both as a rewarding pastime and a means of getting food without the carbon footprint. Once again, a whole range of green business opportunities arises as entrepreneurs strive to find the most cost-effective, space-saving, and low energy-use systems to fuel the trend. Looking for an unusual investment idea? Some urban agriculture models are offering a cut of the profits coming from produce, with investors sponsoring specific areas of their facilities and benefitting from its returns. 

4. Green Fashion

Fashion statements are going green with everything from bags to high-fashion clothing and sunglasses benefitting from the trend. Recycled fabrics, natural fabrics and fasteners, environmentally friendly dyes, and locally made items from small businesses are all getting a boost and so are the businesses that supply them. Best of all, consumers are willing to pay more for fashion items that can boast environmentally-friendly features, and they’re more than happy to spread the word by sporting logos proclaiming their allegiance to green fashion brands. From suppliers to producers, to retail chains the rise of green fashion offers a wealth of investment opportunities.


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