Solar Plus Hydrogen While the power industry has seen a lot of greening in the past few years with solar and wind energy accounting for most of the capacity additions in most countries, the transport and the heating sector still have a long way to go. But the plummeting cost of solar energy┬áis making it […]

The Indian rooftop solar market remains a small market in comparison to the overall solar market which is mainly driven by large scale utility solar installations. The rooftop solar market is around 10% of the overall solar market which is a very small percentage compared to other countries such as Germany and Australia where rooftop […]

China has been the prime driver of solar capacity additions globally over the past 5-6 years as it installs nearly 30%-40% of the total global solar energy capacity every year. The size of the Chinese solar market dwarfs the other large markets such as India, USA by a factor of 4x-5x. Even in 2020, the […]