Australia is looking to build a massive solar farm with storage and then export that power to Asia using the longest power cable ever built in the world. This project has been in the works for some time but is now getting some major backing with the Australian government also approving it. Australia has always […]

Earlier this year the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe in a matter of weeks, forcing businesses in a wide range of industries to shut their doors indefinitely. The odd good news story during these dark times shows that while the world was at home the air became fresher, the water became cleaner, and pollution […]

The cost for solar power in India declined by another 10% this year and the current cost for producing solar power is just USD 50 cents/watt which continues the tradition of making the Indian solar system costs the lowest in the world. Not only the cost of large scale grid-connected solar systems but also that […]

  With housing costs soaring, it is no surprise that many people, especially millennials but also baby boomers, are turning to the tiny house movement. By downsizing, there is a lot of money to be saved. Both in terms of upfront costs and ongoing expenses that make it a very attractive way to enter the […]

Succeeding in any field of business requires a pertinent set of soft skills, and the green energy sector is no different in that respect. The universal effectiveness of soft skills across the various industries remains as strong as it always had been because of one very specific reason; just like always, it’s still the people […]

Many residential societies in major cities are being educated about domestic waste management. There are multiple benefits of waste management and by our little effort, we can save our precious lands from turning into landfills. It is true that the modern world is turning plastic. Everything that we procure from outside comes wrapped in plastic. Not only plastic, […]