The global solar industry has not been unaffected by the COVID crisis as the whole world economy contracts due to shutdowns affected in almost every other country leading to a sharp slowdown in demand across sectors. Power also has seen a demand contraction as industries and commerce have slowed down. But the solar energy industry […]

Stressed Indian sectors that had unsustainable business models and high debt before the COVID crisis are now facing an acute crisis on their own as their large debt burdens become unsupportable since revenues and profits dry up. Many of these sectors and companies do not have the money to pay down their interest and fixed costs. The […]

Interest in the Indian solar industry and assets remains as high as ever amongst foreign investors despite the COVID crisis as well as other setbacks faced in recent times due to non-payment of dues by distribution companies and the overall distress in the Indian power sector. A total investment of USD 490 million to acquire a […]