The Indian government has been trying to push the growth of the Indian electric vehicle market through multiple means and has given a wide variety of incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies, etc. But like most other things, the execution capacity of the Indian state remains far from its intentions and grandiose plans. Though growing […]

Waste Cooking Oil Collection In this age of severe environmental degradation and pollution, everyone is in the search for an alternative energy source. An energy source that will be sustainable and have a much friendly effect on the environment. Used cooking oil is among the leading contenders for an energy source that meets these criteria. Used […]

Solar energy was one of the first fronts of the trade war between the USA and China which had started as early as 2016. Under Trump, the war has not only expanded into many fronts but also deepened in the solar sector where high safeguard blanket duties were imposed not only for solar panel and […]

The Indian distribution sector typically has a large component of state ownership over the companies, despite the unbundling of the Indian power sector almost 17 years ago. The sector remains mainly under the ownership of the Indian state and central governments. While the generation sector has been largely been privatized, the transmission and distribution sector […]

New Application of Sun’s Energy Solar energy because of its modular nature is about to find a wide variety of applications which is not possible by other energy sources. Most of the fossil fuels need a large power plant to be used which requires a central location and the associated costs of power transmission and distribution structure. […]

India’s solar rooftop industry is highly fragmented as is the case with the rest of the world with many small players existing in the market as large companies do not really have a huge edge given that installation of solar panels and associated electrical systems is a local affair managed by local electricians and specialized […]