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Fuel Efficient Tires Could Go a Long Way In Reducing Air Pollution

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As the craze of going green continues, many small and mid-sized companies are trying to hit the goal by reducing their carbon footprint and making it to the list of environmentally friendly companies. There are many advantages to going green. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint but also reduce costs and reliance on natural resources that are fast depleting. Investors too prefer to invest their funds in environmentally-conscious companies. Customers also want to buy products from companies that invest in green manufacturing. Companies use large amounts of the Earth’s resources and should, therefore, be responsible to contribute to the environment in whatever way they can.

One such environment-friendly company is Giti Tire, a Singapore-based, global tire company. Giti Tire is a large manufacturer of a wide range of quality tires and related services. The company serves more than 130 countries with revenue surpassing $3 billion in 2019. Giti owns world-class R&D and testing centers in the US, Germany, Indonesia, China, and the UK.

Giti Tire specializes in green manufacturing and provides fuel-efficient passenger and truck car tires, designed to reduce fuel consumption and environmental costs. Lower fuel consumption should aid in lower harmful emissions in the environment. The fuel consumption of driven steer wheels accounts for 15-20% of the overall fuel consumption in case of its tractor-trailers, while the driveing wheels account for 30-40% and trailer wheels account for 40-50% respectively. The company also has US EPA SmartWay certification for most of its truck and bus line of products. Giti is committed to reducing air emissions, water wastage, and scrap materials. Much of its raw materials are recycled or grown organically in order to reduce their environmental footprint. The company will continue to create more environmentally friendly products in the future as well.

In addition, the company also focuses on environmental protection. It funds conservation projects and supports Conservation Initiative Projects. Giti has been a  partner of Conservation International which promotes environmental protection and support measures primarily in Asia and also globally. Giti in partnership with CI is supporting its shark tagging and preservation efforts. The company is also supporting wildlife in remote China region.

As the list of eco-friendly companies is on the rise, it might be difficult for customers to identify the companies that are truly eco-friendly and not just putting up a farce. It is important for customers to find companies manufacturing sustainable products so as to meet their sustainable goals. Adopting environmentally-friendly practices in manufacturing is a critical aspect of putting companies on the list of green companies. With the current climate change situation of the world, people should not ignore environmental contributions by businesses and should reward companies going green instead. Going green would also save a few extra bucks for these large enterprises. Popular companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, Nike, HP, Disney, etc. lead the list of the most environmentally-conscious companies in the world.


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