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How To Be More Green

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Regardless of why you want to go green, you are one of those that nature appreciates sincerely. A utilitarian like you is what the world needs today to save it from the dangers of the toxic and harmful waste that we produce every day.

You may wonder how to reach a more green life. We had your homework done and collected some of the eco-friendly living tips to get you off and running in case you are just starting.

Use it as a guide if you’re only starting or as a check-list if you’re already on the green way.


Switch Off Electronics Appliances When Not In Use

A sustainable life entails saving on energy consumption. This calls you to turn off any appliance that is in standby mode. The fact that you are not using it doesn’t mean that it is not consuming energy, right? Even the smallest diode light consumes it.

Hitting that switch off button not only saves you substantial energy bills but also significantly reduces your carbon footprints.

Mindful Buying/Shopping

The beginning of purchasing what you need and that will serve you for a long time marks the dawn of sustainable life. Ideally, you can allocate more funds to purchasing eco-friendly products that will serve you for long. This will enable you to recycle, spend less, and also consume less. 

I am not saying that you shouldn’t consume; think of it as minimizing the chances of purchasing what you may not need. Choose the eco shopping bags, go to stores with your own tare, don’t buy extras if you’re not sure you can use them.

Adopt Green Energy

Investing in renewable sources of energy is another bold step towards going green. You can invest in solar energy by acquiring solar panels. It’s easier for house owners. But you can also choose a greener utility provider for your apartment.

Solar energy reduces carbon emissions, saves you money, and reduces your energy output. You will also save money while going green!

Shift To More Energy-Efficient Appliances

Is your fridge/freezer, boiler, or drier driving your energy bills crazy? Then you should upgrade to more modern and energy-efficient appliances.

Modern appliances come packed with energy-efficient mechanisms that allow you to go eco-friendly by hitting on the power save mode button or the eco mode button. Investing in these modern appliances is investing in our future generations.

Plant Your Own Greenery

You can save on the wasteful packaging that most groceries produce by growing your flowers, seedlings, or even herbs. 

You realize that you will only need planet-friendly tools (pot/vase and a windowsill) to start with. This helps save on the wasteful products produced by the groceries for packaging, and you will have saved so much!

Greens can be easily planted again.


Learn To Repair And Not Replacing

One of the rules of going green is fixing broken things than replacing them. One way of doing this is by taking courses on DIY if you need the skills to repair and restore things. 

So before you chuck them away, try to figure out if they can be repaired. Hopefully, you won’t throw things away if they only need a simple fix, right? Let’s fix the planet by restoring the fixable stuff.

Consume Less Meat

Did you know that eating less meat reduces your carbon footprint? I am not coercing you to go vegetarian, but taking red meat three times a week can have a massive impact on going green. 

Less red meat is right for your health and our planet at large. Make a choice now, and let’s all save our world!


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