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Why Your Next Vehicle Must Be Electric

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Innovation and technology are two major things that are leading the world. From automatic doors to fully grown robots, rapid changes are taking place globally. This article will shed light on why you should own an electric car in the modern world. Various electric car advantages include:


Save Money

Unless you are a millionaire, saving money is a top priority. The fuel cost of using a typical vehicle is too high. People worldwide spend thousands of dollars on buying fuel every day, making it difficult for a person in the middle-class segment of the population to use a car that drives on petrol. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining the vehicle is also high and makes it impossible for a budgeted person to own a car. The common perception is that an electric car is much more than a standard car; I am afraid that is not right. Since these electric cars are evergreen, the government charges zero taxes on an electric vehicle and promotes the purchasing of cars that are sustainable to the environment. Electric car charging stations are also available almost everywhere for your feasibility. Since we are on the topic of saving money, online writing services like CustomEssayOrder can help you in crafting the perfect essay or academic paper at reasonable rates. 


The initial electric cars that were launched traveled a less distance with one charge. However, with the new technology incorporated in making electric cars, the distance has significantly increased.  For example, in 2008, Tesla launched its first electric car known as the Roadster. The Roadster could travel 245 miles or roughly 349 kilometers on a single charge. Further investigation showed that its acceleration was way more than an average gasoline car, and people started to compare the Roadster to many sports cars.

Another example is that of the Nissan LEAF. This car can travel 107 miles on one charge; how amazing is that! Moreover, Chevy Bolt has a 240-mile range of charge. You must have wondered how long does it take to charge an electric car. It takes almost 5-6 hours to charge the car, and you can travel a distance of more than 200 miles with one charge. The distance factor is crucial because charging a vehicle several times a day can become a hassle, and there might not be a charging station available nearby. Best electric cars are the ones that can travel a long distance on one charge and take less time to charge from a station. 

Less Maintenance 

Another reason why to choose an electric car is the minimal maintenance cost. The low maintenance cost is a major motivating factor for you to purchase an electric car. People think that since an electric car is more complex, it has a more generous maintenance cost. On the contrary, an electric car has less moving parts and requires a lower oil change frequency than a gasoline vehicle. It makes it more reliable and feasible for the user. One of the significant advantages of using an electric vehicle is that it requires less fluid change. For a gasoline vehicle, you have to conduct periodic oil, transmission, and fluid changes. These charges vary from vehicle to vehicle, and they are more costly than your average gasoline car. People are mostly concerned about battery replacement costs in electric vehicles. It is somewhat true, but an Electric-charged vehicle’s battery life is more than two years. There is ample time to save money to replace your old car; the price of battery change still does not surpass the cost of fluid changes over the two years. 


Cut Pollution 

Global warming is also a rising concern in the modern world. Industrial waste and factory byproducts negatively impact the environment. Another leading cause of air pollution is the gases released by a gasoline car. When petrol burns, it releases gases that are toxic to the environment and humans. On the other hand, electric vehicles produce zero gases as the car works on battery and no petrol burns whatsoever. 

Government Grants

Government offers grants to people who purchase electric vehicles. It is to motivate consumers to buy electric vehicles because they are safer for the environment. The government’s indulgence in this Go Green initiative shows how severe pollution is caused by gasoline cars. Essay Zoo and other online writing services have several samples that can help you better understand why the government is invested in buying electric vehicles. 

Make Money Going Green

Using electric cars does not only save money, but it can also make money. Since charging an electric car requires more electricity, you might be compelled to install a solar panel to minimize the electric bills. The use of solar panels can be beneficial in not one but two ways.  On one side, you are saving money by using solar energy, and on the other hand, solar is powering your home appliances. So, in short, you are saving money and making money at the same time. The electric vehicle’s cost is now covering the investment you were hesitant to make in solar panels to convert your home energy source to solar. It is like killing two birds with one stone. The excess energy that is not utilized by the home is transferred to the electric governmental authorities, and they pay you for every unused unit. However, if you still cannot afford an electric car, many companies offer electric car rental services. 

Luxury at a Lower Price

Electric car customers are more satisfied with their vehicles’ performance than people with regular cars. It is because vehicles that work on electricity are quieter than regular engine cars. It gives a smooth and hassle-free ride experience that feels premium. The reason for a noise-less engine is the lack of moving parts that are required to make the car functional. Talking about luxury at lower prices,  EduJungles is an online writing service with experts to help you out with your college assignments. 


It is Future

Stop being stuck with old things; the world is moving on, so should you. The rising demand for these electric vehicles shows that the world moves away from fossil fuels like petrol and coming towards a more sustainable way of travel. Every human being must observe the ecology and evolution trend; we owe it to our planet. 


To sum it all up, the reasons above are pretty compelling for a person who is tired of the extra fuel and maintenance cost of a gasoline vehicle. Buying an electric vehicle is very important if you want to get with the time and sway your tensions away. 


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