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Australia looks to be the first major Solar Energy Exporter with a Grid Extending to Asia

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Australia is looking to build a massive solar farm with storage and then export that power to Asia using the longest power cable ever built in the world. This project has been in the works for some time but is now getting some major backing with the Australian government also approving it. Australia has always been a major gas and coal exporter, so it is a natural extension for the country to become a major renewable energy exporter as well. Exporting renewable energy has always been on the minds of engineers. Even 10 years ago, there was the Desertec project for massive solar farms to be built in northern Africa with the power to be transmitted to Europe through an underground sea cable. This would benefit both the developing countries in Africa as well as an energy-deficient Europe. But this project was probably much ahead of its time. Now 10 years later, the cost of solar power has fallen by around 80% making these kinds of projects economically more viable.

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The Australian solar energy would be moved through a 10,000 km long cable that would traverse the seas and land in Singapore. This project would-be built-in phases and could potentially meet the complete power requirements of Singapore in a green manner. This would be the first of its kind intercontinental project in which green energy would be transmitted across such a long distance. Currently, the Nordic countries extensively use an inter-country grid system however, transcontinental grids are virtually unknown. However, with renewable energy costs dipping to record lows, the economic feasibility of exporting and importing green power through sea cables should become a reality very soon. India also is planning to develop multi-country grids through its “One world one sun one grid” initiative.


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