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New Solar-run Animal Scaring Device

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New Application of Sun’s Energy

Solar energy because of its modular nature is about to find a wide variety of applications which is not possible by other energy sources. Most of the fossil fuels need a large power plant to be used which requires a central location and the associated costs of power transmission and distribution structure. Off-Grid Solar energy, on the other hand, can be used at the location of the usage in varying sizes and does not require transmission and distribution. Solar energy already is used extensively for lighting purposes as well as agricultural uses such as cooling, heating, pumping, etc.

Solar energy is also finding innovative uses in areas where nobody could envisage that it could be used. Wild animals are a huge problem for farmers with lands adjacent to forests. Wild animals such as boars, elephants, etc. can destroy the crop of farmers leading to massive losses. Protecting the crops from wild animals is a cumbersome and a dangerous activity for farmers from ancient times. Scarecrows were one of the first innovative ways in which farmers used to deter wild animals. With the advent of electricity, farmers were also using lights and torches to scare away animals in the nighttime.

Seeing this problem, a Bengaluru-based company, Katidhan Tech has come out with an innovative solar solutionAnimal scaring device -solar that can help farmers. This company is selling a solar light with storage which can be installed in farmer fields. The solar product has LED lights that shine in a random manner during the nighttime which has proved to be a very effective solution to deter animals. During the daytime, the lights are off and get charged by the sunlight through batteries. In the nighttime, these automatically get turned on and are installed on poles and trees where they shine and scare away the animals without requiring any human intervention.


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