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Tips for Becoming a Successful Solar Installer

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Solar energy is all the rage nowadays. It’s a greener way to power a home and it’s also a wonderful way to save money. If you believe in the power of solar energy, you may have thought about becoming a photovoltaic installer. These professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining panels that use the natural rays of the sun to energize a building, facility or residence. Knowing how to get started can help you to reach your career dreams.

Get a Solid Education

Education is important in terms of being a PV installer. You need to have knowledge of how this energy works and how to successfully install the products that your customers need. In some cases, you may be able to learn while on the job. However, more employers are now looking for candidates who have some type of job training or an education in a local college. For those needing help to pay for their college fees, student loans are helpful and typically won’t need to be paid back until you graduate.

Grow Your Clientele

There are a lot of people out there who are in the same field. Because of this, you’re going to have a lot of competition and will need to work to grow your clientele. This can be done through marketing, advertising and networking with other company owners. If you’re taking a green approach to your work, consider networking with like-minded companies so that they may want to either use or advertise your services for you.

Make Sure You’re Licensed and Insured

You need to be both licensed or certified and insured in order to work within the field as a photovoltaic installer. Insurance protects both you and your customers when working on their property. In many cases, you’ll need to be on the roof of a home to properly install the panels that are needed. This can be dangerous and insurance will help to cover you if an accident occurs. Insurance is especially essential if you have employees who are responsible for working for you. A license or certification will help your clients know that you are educated and able to provide a trusted service.

Solar Rooftop Panels

Offer Your Services in a Solar-Friendly Location

Not every area is solar-friendly. Some are powered by fuel, coal and others rely on ordinary electricity. In order to thrive within the field, you need to flock to an area that is more willing to take a green, eco-friendly approach. This may require some homework on your part, but you’ll benefit from this move in terms of client flow.

Gain Experience and Stay Updated

As with any and all other careers, things can change in the solar industry. This is why you need to both gain experience by collaborating with multiple companies and clients as well as remain educated on the topic. Continuing education keeps workers abreast of any and all changes within a particular industry. In turn, this helps you to provide a more robust service to your customers in a way that they will benefit from long-term.

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