Clean air is the need of the hour for major cities in India, especially the National Capital. People across Delhi and NCR are agitated and have demonstrated their agitation by the angry march on roads and protests demanding clean air. Children and adults alike are gasping for pure air. There has been a massive uptick in sales of […]

The USA government under President Trump has turned rabidly anti-Green and even reneged on the Paris Agreement which was not very ambitious to start with. However, the concerns over climate change and global warming have become more and more acute these days with tangible repercussions being seen in the form of extreme climate events such […]

Rooftop Solar Growth in Pune Pune which is situated in the western state of Maharashtra in India has the highest amount of rooftop solar capacity installed at 130 MW. The city which is a major IT and industrial hub has seen high amounts of rooftop solar capacity installed, despite the opposition faced from the state […]

Solar manufacturing has been almost completely taken over by China as its huge scale economics and low-cost structure has entirely decimated the competition globally. Western manufacturers who had developed and commercialized solar technology in the 1990s and 2000s have now almost completely disappeared from the global landscape. While the western brand names such as Q-Cells […]

According to a report published in Financial Times, 47.9% of the country’s power needs were being met by renewable/non-polluting energy resources as of April 2019. The report also goes on further to state that by the end of this year, more than half the need for power will be met by the same non-polluting resources, […]

The Indian power sector seems in a perennial crisis because of the totally apathetic politicians who for their selfish interests are willing to apparently kill their state-owned power utility for some votes. Tamil Nadu which has one of the largest renewable power capacities in India has a power utility called TANGEDCO which always has massive […]