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Now Reports Quantify The Number of Lives That Clean Energy Units in India can Save!

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Clean air is the need of the hour for major cities in India, especially the National Capital. People across Delhi and NCR are agitated and have demonstrated their agitation by the angry march on roads and protests demanding clean air. Children and adults alike are gasping for pure air. There has been a massive uptick in sales of air purifiers, filters, and masks. Children were asked to stay at home on Children’s day which made us realize the sad reality of today’s world.

So has the time passed or we can still do something about it? People are proposing to meet the PMO in person and request him to take matters in hand. Yes, the government can make things right by imposing stricter emission norms and industrialization rules. While adopting clean energy and electric vehicles seem to be intelligent solutions (Yayy! we have discovered them), but there still lies a long road ahead till they start getting adopted on a large scale. According, to a study by Harvard University’s researchers  1GW of renewable power installed in India, can save ten times more lives than in North America or Europe. A unit of solar or wind power installed in India will reduce CO2 emissions to a larger extent, than even in China.


Image Credit: Quartz India

About 70% of India’s electricity was sourced from dirty fossil fuels in the last year, while the figure stood at 59% and 28% for China and the US, respectively. It is because of this reason that renewable energy is more effective in India. NOt only is the country heavily dependent upon coal, but a majority of these coal plants are extremely dangerous, lacking flue gas treatment equipment and their location near most populated areas. As such, the pollutants reach a large number of people when compared to other countries. Renewable energy in India can, therefore, play a major role in reducing CO2 emissions. India, if successful in achieving its clean energy target can become a significant player in controlling natural disasters caused by climate change.


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