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Understanding Why the Industry in the UK is Shifting to Green Power

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According to a report published in Financial Times, 47.9% of the country’s power needs were being met by renewable/non-polluting energy resources as of April 2019.

The report also goes on further to state that by the end of this year, more than half the need for power will be met by the same non-polluting resources, which is something that has never happened since the industrial revolution.

As it marks a huge step forward for the United Kingdom, a closer look at the circumstances helps us to understand why green electricity for English companies is actually beneficial for businesses as well.

It’s Not as Costly Anymore

Most alternative sources of energy have been in existence for decades now, but some things have changed only recently. The technological advances have been instrumental in bringing down the price of shifting to and relying on renewable energy, which has played an instrumental role in encouraging commercial adoption.

This is not to say that green and clean energy is cheap now, but thanks to the option of being able to compare quotes on a site like Utility Bidder, green electricity for English businesses can be a lot less costly than before. As it happens, the long-term expenses can even be significantly less than energy generated from fossil fuels, as long as they are willing to make the investment necessary for the initial setup.

Smaller businesses can potentially meet a majority of their own electricity needs now, and a lot of them are doing exactly that.

Government Backing

As should be expected from a administration that has brought forth such an ambitious but highly applauded goal for its country, they have also put into place a number of benefits, credit programs and other incentives to encourage both small and large scale industries towards generating their own power and/or shifting to clean energy providers as much as possible.

More importantly, aside from helping companies shift to clean energy, there is active government funding and support towards the development of the technology behind it all as well. It is expected that by the year 2025, clean energy production will not only increase, but it will also become substantially cheaper.

Self-Reliance Has Its Own Benefits

Electricity is the driving force behind the modern business and human civilization itself. As clean energy production is now more efficient and affordable, it only makes sense that more businesses are generating their own energy.

Independence does not only have tremendous positive impacts on the environment, but it essentially enables a business to be independent and self-serving for the most important resource of them all.

Industrial moves cannot be made solely based on goodwill, as such moves would not be sustainable. Therefore, the fact that British businesses of all sizes really do have a lot to gain by making a shift to clean energy is evidence of the fact that this is a sustainable shift. While there are certain serious obstacles that could impede the 2050 Net Zero goal currently set by the UK, it is clear that steps are indeed being taken in the right direction to solving them.


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