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How Can You Make Money by Recycling your Scrap Catalysts?

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An excellent way to make money is to sell recyclable materials. New and used cars, junkyards, and car repair shops all have used catalytic converters that can be recycled for a pretty penny. Each used converter has some amount of platinum, which is currently trading at about $1000/oz. However, you cannot pull out the platinum and sell. You need to take the converter to a recycling company so that it can extract and separate the platinum from your converter. So if you have used converters at hand, you can make money by selling them to a recycler. Here is how you can make money by recycling your scrap catalysts.

  1.   Online

Use the internet to search for sites such as eBay that deal with scrap catalytic converter. Websites like that will give you the latest listings of converters on sale. With this knowledge, you will know what the public pays for a used catalytic converter. You can also check scrap catalytic converter prices. You will also have an idea of where you can sell your scrap catalysts.

  1.   Contact Auto Mechanic

 Contact about five auto mechanics that are near your home. Look for mechanics that can sell you the converters that they cut out of customer’s vehicles. Create a working relationship with these mechanics and be ready to buy the converters at a reasonable price. Make sure that the price allows you to buy more converters. You can negotiate the price and adjust yourself according to your profits. Do not worry if you have to pay too much at the beginning. If you get a stable supply, you can change the price later.

  1.   Visit Salvage Yards

 Look for some salvage yards within your area that pay for scrap. If you cannot find any salvage yard, use the internet to look for one. Make sure you have more than one salvage yard so that you can increase your chances of making money. Selling in bulk is more comfortable if the buyer has the resources to pay for all of your scraps. Create a network that understands your business, and you will have a bright future in selling scrap catalysts.


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  1.   Sell online

 Take excellent pictures of your converters for sale on online platforms such as eBay. Build an auction that includes more than one converter. Some auctions on eBay work better than others. Factors such the description, shipping rates, and the reserved price will all attract customers. Good pictures also play a primary role in attracting customers. Start slow and build your way up.

  1.   Register a Business Name

 Although this should be the first step, it ends up being the last for most people. If by now you can make several purchases a day, you are already successful in making money by selling scrap catalysts. You now need to register your business and get a tax I.D. You are already running a small salvage company, and you need the legal authority to do so.

With these steps, you can make money and realize that converters are the future success in the scrap industry. Also, read Why Waste Management Is A Good Investment



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