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Solar Skin Design – For Aesthetically-focused Solar Shoppers

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One of the major issues for aesthetically-focused solar shoppers is the fact that solar panel installation on their rooftops distorts the beauty of their homes. They do not like the idea of big blocks of blues and blacks on top of their rooftops. Though technology is fast advancing and we have thin solar panels and colored solar panels that take care of these issues, some buyers can be very particular about the overall look of their homes. They would not want to change the appearance of their rooftops.

This issue can be resolved by using Sistine Solar’s Solar skin design, a technique that alters the appearance of the solar panel to match exactly with the look on your rooftop. SolarSkin is a thin film that is coated with ultra-durable graphics and is integrated onto high-efficiency solar panels. It uses selective light filtration technology that displays an image and transmits sunlight to the underlying solar cells. Solar Skin is designed to ensure minimal loss in efficiency levels.

solar skin

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Solar skin is custom-designed to blend in with the customer’s unique roof style and color. Sistine Solar employs its proprietary techniques and advanced algorithms to combine elements from color theory, cognitive sciences, and human visual perception that results in seamless solar structures. Solar Skin by Sistine Solar is available in a range of colors and patterns including architectural shingles, 3-tab shingles, concrete tiles, seamed metal roofs, and custom designs. You can check out their collection here.

The material that is used to design the solar skin is ultra-durable and are stress-tested for extreme outdoor conditions. These have also been tested in different climatic zones. Some of the notable features are:

  • Excellent color retention

  • ?Excellent long-term adhesion

  • Excellent durability (anti-yellowing, gloss retention, anti-caking, etc.)

  • Near zero power loss


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