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5 Tips For Using a Solar Electric Fence Charger On Your Farm 

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Owning and operating a farm in 2019 can be a challenge and an expensive endeavor. Then again, nobody gets into the farming business because it is going to be an easy job. Farming is tough and it takes resiliency and consistent maintenance and hard work to be successful at your career. Many farmers have begun to invest in technology to work smarter and in a more efficient manner. One of the key tactics that farmers are utilizing these days include using an electric fence to keep their livestock secure and to monitor their property. However, an electric fence requires the use of electricity to operate properly which can be a hassle if you own a vast piece of land. How do you run wires of an electric current around acres of land so that you can power your fence? This is something to think about if you are considering the idea of installing an electric fence. While the task of installing wires may sound daunting, there is another solution that is economical, sustainable, and efficient. This article will share tips for using a solar electric fence charger on your farm as a way to overcome the challenge of managing cumbersome, costly, and harmful wires.

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Here is something to read that will help you learn a bit more before you go ahead and buy a solar electric fence charger for your farm. Having as much information as possible before you make an investment in securing your property will prove to be worthwhile.

  • Buy from a good vendor. When you are buying materials and equipment to secure your farmland, it is very important to ensure that you are investing in products from a trusted manufacturer. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a bad situation if your fence is faulty. Conduct ample research and read consumer reviews on the type of fence you want to invest in along with the solar electric fence charger that you purchase so that you are well aware of what to expect when you get the product installed on your property.
  • Conduct routine maintenance on a schedule. Trust us on this one, you do not want to let your fence go without proper maintenance. Doing so will just about guarantee a disaster or an expensive repair bill. When you own a solar electric fence charger, it is important to make sure that the voltage is accurate and that you have your solar panels faced towards direct sunlight or they will not charge properly. 
  • Avoid trees and shade if possible. When you have a farm, it can be difficult to avoid trees and other vegetation but it is important to do your best to keep your solar electric fence charger panels out of the shade. One way to do this is to place your solar panels in an area that will receive direct sunlight at high noon. An easy way to check this is to place a small object on the panels at noon time. If there is no shadow, your placement is perfect! If the object produces a shadow, it is in your best interest to make some adjustments.
  • Keep replacement batteries on hand. Even though you will rely on the sun to provide energy that can be converted into power, you will still need to replace your solar panel batteries from time to time. So that you don’t get stuck in a situation where you are in need of replacement batteries but you don’t have any, be sure to keep an extra set or two on hand. Doing so will ensure that you won’t have to urgently find solar batteries on short notice, which can be stressful. Keep in mind that it is typical for solar panel batteries to need to be replaced every few years.
  • Keep calm on days with little sunlight. You may be concerned if your climate is experiencing a rainy period with little to no direct sunlight. If you allow for direct sunlight to access your solar panels on a daily basis, it is more than likely that your solar fence charger system will store up to two weeks of energy! Chances are high that you will not go for two weeks without a period of direct sunlight to replenish your system.



Owning a farm is quite an accomplishment but it takes a substantial amount of perseverance and consistent, hard work to make it a successful endeavor. Anything worth having comes with its own set of challenges but owning a solar electric fence charger does not have to consume you. With these tips, your investment will enable you to keep your farm secure without having to run a bunch of harmful, power lines around your property and you will eliminate the need to use fossil fuels to power it. 



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