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How To Improve Your Neighborhood’s Street Lights

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Neighborhoods are the hub where families are made, homes are built, expensive assets are stored, talents are nurtured, and futures are shaped. Everyone has a memory of the neighborhood where he or she grew up in, whether it was a high-end or low-end neighborhood.

One thing stands out in every neighborhood and that is how well-lit it is. Streetlights play an important role in enhancing an area’s security. People have lost valuable items to muggers in dark spots in the night owing to poor lighting. Some have even lost their lives.

In this era, there is a great need for a 24-hour economy where people work during the day and in the night. This concept can only be actualized if there is proper lighting in neighborhoods to enable entrepreneurs to work extensively in the night with no limitations whatsoever.

There is a dire need, therefore, to improve street lighting in neighborhoods. Here are 3 ways this can be done:

  1.    Consider Adjusting The Light’s Tilt Angle

It’s always been the case in many instances that each street lighting fixture is installed at a 5-degree tilt angle. This approach, as widely as it is used, only causes a light spill into property boundaries and into the atmosphere.

The standard brackets used also have a lift of around 10 degrees which isn’t helpful either. While it’s good to have the bracket tilt a few degrees up to keep the luminaire from drooping, it’s essential to also ensure that the spigot is at zero degrees. If not then the luminaire should be installed on a horizontal position on a spigot that is angled.


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  1.    Try Using Shorter Brackets

It’s been common practice when streetlights are installed that wide outreach arms are used and these stretch extensively onto the roadway. Motorists may experience a lot of glare when driving on such roads especially on sharp bends.

Consider using shorter brackets which suspend the light just near the kerb line. The light emitted is projected evenly on the surrounding area and maintenance also becomes easy and safe to do.

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  1.    Install Solar LED Lights

LED is without a doubt the most ideal choice for outdoor lighting and many neighborhoods today have adopted it. These lights are cheaper to purchase, easy to install, have a high level of efficiency, produce a higher light quality, and are easy to control.

There is a massive shift by cities and neighborhoods from the HPS lights to the LED lights. This has helped a great deal in reducing energy costs.

The bigger advantage of LED lights is that they can be solar powered. With solar LED streetlights, you can say goodbye to the ever-increasing monthly electricity bills. You’ll only incur a one-time installation cost.

These solar LED lights derive their energy from the sun. They have a long lifespan and you can rest assured that your neighborhood will be brightly lit at night and the surrounding properties are secure.


If you haven’t yet made that switch to LED solar street lights, you can do so today. You can have them installed anywhere. One very sensitive area in a neighborhood that needs proper lighting is the parking lot for the safety of your vehicles. Installing solar LED lights in these spots will come in handy. You can get them from


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