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3 Ways to Reduce your Energy Use this Summer

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There are many ways to cut the overall costs of your monthly electric bill.  According to the US government, and more specifically the Department of Energy, there are different strategies that both residential and commercial properties can implement to reduce the overall costs of electricity. Along with energy efficient appliances, there are several other methods you can use to save even more energy. Here are a few ways to save money on energy this summer:

Thermostat Control

One of the best feelings in summer is the whiff of cold air blowing as you get home from an outing. That said, this often proves to be a costly endeavor as running the A/C when away eats up a ton of electricity consumption. A good solution is to turn the A/C temperature up or completely off. This will still keep the house cool but the A/C unit won’t start up as often as it does when the temperature is low. You might even try turning the A/C off completely when the weather is nice.

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Hot kitchen

According to the Mass Save Program, another great way to reduce the amount of energy used during the summer is to limit the use of kitchen appliances, such as the stove and oven. Turning such appliances on during the summer raises the indoor temperature by approximately 10 degrees. A solution here is to use the microwave, which takes up a third less in terms of energy consumption and also doesn’t require a lot of heat. Additionally, summer days can be enjoyed by cranking the barbeque up and enjoying a nice day outdoors. 

Cool Electronics 

Most of us own plenty of household electronics designed to make life easier. While electronics are a nice luxury, many can increase electric bills immensely. To remedy this, turn off any electronics, not in use. This includes radios, TVs, and the like. Avoid placing electronic devices near the thermostat. The heat from these devices can cause the thermostat to read the ambient temperature of the house incorrectly, causing the A/C to work harder than it has to. Additional devices that generate heat and should follow these guidelines include computers and lamps. 

While the summer months can be full of fun and adventure, you’ll have even more money for fun times if you follow these steps to save on your energy bills.


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