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Water Crisis in the Solar Industry

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Efficient Use Of Water in Solar

Scarcity of Water is a looming threat for our generation. India itself is facing acute water shortage as a result of drying up of its wells, lakes and other sources of groundwater. Maharashtra and nearly half the country faced drought conditions before the onset of monsoons. Not only farmers but city people are facing a structural water crisis in India. The country needs to permanently fix this situation with meticulous planning and strategic initiatives. People are carelessly using water, wasting so much of it. People will not realize the seriousness of the situation until their taps dry out. It is time to act now!

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In these situations where farmers are facing dire situations, the solar industry has been blamed with wastage of water. The solar panels need to be cleaned from time to time to remove the dust accumulated on the panels and enable their efficient working. However, it has been found that people are not using water meticulously. It is a common belief that solar panels require water cleaning twice a month. In doing so, people waste a huge amount of water. However, the use of water should depend on its availability, cost, and location. More than half of the country’s solar capacity is located in dry regions which already have low water supplies. But for plants located other than in these areas, water is used without much care.

According to a report by Bridge to India, about 60% of solar installations in India might be using groundwater illegally and should start using water more efficiently in order to stay true to its “environment-friendly” tag.

“Around 56 percent of installed solar capacity in India is located in arid and high water-stress zones, exposing them to a high level of water risk,” it said.

Source: Business Standard

There are numerous water-efficient solutions that are not only affordable but are also proven technologies, which could be used by the booming solar industry in India. These include anti-soiling coatings robotic cleaning and hydrophobic and nanotechnology-based self-cleaning, amongst others.


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