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Did You Hear About the Solar Village Project

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The Solar Village Project

The Solar Village Project is a non-profit organization that helps distribute power to rural families in India and Africa. Approximately 1.3 billion people still live without any access to electricity.  The organization believes that electricity is an essential commodity just like food, clothing, and shelter.

It implemented its first project back in 2014. In its first full-scale village project, the Solar Village distributed 75 solar home lighting systems to a village in Bihar, India. These villages have families earning an average of $2 per day. Buying a solar system would cost at best $50 which is too expensive for them. Here the role of the Solar Village Project comes into play. The organization partners with renowned companies worldwide who donate whole-heartedly for this purpose. With the help of the funds collected, the Solar Village Project distributes solar systems as well as clean drinking water systems to these villages.

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Solar light india village

$50 covers the cost of a complete solar home lighting system. In addition, the organization also deploys a team of volunteers who educate the villagers about the benefits of using solar, ill-effects of using kerosene lamps, and for the installation and maintenance of the solar system. The organization not only caters to individual households, but also to community centers. The organization’s latest one being the installation of a 5 kW solar array for a community center in the Bucarbones community of Puerto Rico. It is SVP’s first full-scale domestic project.

If you know of any such village/ community, you can contact the Solar Project Village by filling up this form: 

If you believe in changing lives in a sustainable manner and making an impact on people’s lives as well as the environment, you can also donate and bring light to people’s lives. Just click here to donate: 


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