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Tesla Solar Roof – A Piece of Beauty for your Dream Home

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Tesla Solar Roof

Thinking of installing a solar rooftop system, but concerned that it would affect the overall aesthetic of your property? You might like to explore the new Tesla Solar Roof. It is a building integrated PV (BIPV) product that seamlessly integrates into the roof shingles of your home. This solar roof will act both as a protective layer as well as solar panels that generate energy. The solar roof is available in four designs: Tuscan, slate, textured, and smooth glass tiles.

tesla solar roof

The Tesla Solar Roof sells at a premium price when compared to the traditional solar panels, but goes a long way to improve the overall property appeal. It costs close to $21.85 per square foot to install a solar roof. Though the amount might sound staggering when you first hear it, it might actually make sense if you consider the total electricity savings throughout your entire lifetime. Given the improving dynamics of solar technology and the fact that solar power is becoming increasingly mainstream, solar products are now considered to be integrated into new constructions, rather than being hammered on the rooftops. The Tesla Solar Roof is an answer to that. It will definitely appeal to the affluent classes of the society having beautiful properties/ farmhouses/ vacation homes, etc. in remote far away places having little or no grid connectivity. The Solar Roof can be conveniently used to make a beautiful terrace while all the time generating power from it.

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Seamless integration, strength and design, and natural roof like appearance are its USPs. Tesla’s Buffalo factory is working at full capacity 24/7 to manufacture the components of Solar Roofs to meet the increasing demand. The warranty for solar panels is the biggest concern for a homeowner. Tesla claims its solar roof to have “infinite warranty” and unbeatable strength as it is made up of quartz. Elon Musk’s concept of a complete solar roof makes its product unique in the market.

One disadvantage of this product could be the miss-outs as a result of efficiency improvements, as one will install the solar roof having a particular level of efficiency. Unless there is a process of upgrading you are stuck with a system having an x% efficiency. You can read more about the Tesla Solar Roof here.


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