Solar in Sahara The Sahara Desert, a subtropical desert in northern Africa, is the largest desert in the world. This area is scarcely populated due to the obvious reasons of extreme temperatures and poor vegetation. The desert has been proved ideal for renewable energy plantations and it has been said that we could power the whole of the […]

China is home to some of the large solar farms in the world. The total installed solar capacity is 130 GW in China. It is said that this capacity could power all of the UK alone. China is the leading manufacturer of solar panels with more than 60% of the world’s installed solar capacity being […]

At a time when India is thinking of imposing duty restrictions on Chinese made solar products, the European Union has lifted import duties from Chinese solar panel imports. This brings an end to a five-year-old saga initiated by the German solar cell manufacturer Solarworld, who accused the Chinese of disrupting the European local market. The duties were […]

New Solar technology – Printable Solar Panels Remember we spoke about Printable solar panels some time back. These were in the final testing phase when we last read about them. The technology is pioneered by researchers (from CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia. These are organic solar panels that can be printed using […]

At a time, when India should post increasing solar installations numbers, the country observed a sharp fall in the installation rate in the second quarter. Solar installations declined by more than 50% in the second quarter to 1599 MW from 3344 MW in the first quarter. The installations also fell when compared to the second quarter […]